The Gabil'akkâ

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The Gabil'akkâ, the Unified Army of Dwarves, are a reputation faction in the Elderslade. Longbeards, Zhélruka, and Stout-axes are all represented in the Unified Army as they march to retake Mount Gundabad. Such notable dwarves as Glóin, Prince Durin of the Longbeards, and Prince Ingór of the Zhélruka are among the leaders of the army, though much of the work of managing the myriad Missions required for such a military effort falls to the Scout-master Ausma and Hórin, the Zhélruka lore-master.

Ranks with this faction are named in the secret Dwarvish language Khuzdul:

Rank (Translation[1]) Reputation Cumulative Mission Unlocked
Idmul (Recruit) The Main Gates
Dumul (Soldier) 10,000 10,000 The Secret Supply Line
Izkhas (Lieutenant) 20,000 30,000 Attack on the Armoury
Uzkhas (Commander) 25,000 55,000 Loyalty of the Frost-bound
Fabarâl (General) 30,000 85,000 The Marked Target
Azghzabad (Warlord) 45,000 130,000 The Assassination of Gorgar

Gaining Reputation

General Quests

War of Three Peaks mission quests give reputation with The Gabil'akkâ.


The rewards are sold by the Gabil'akkâ Quartermaster in the Annâk-khurfu War Room.



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