Taur Gonwaith

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Areas-icon.png Taur Gonwaith
Region: North Downs
Dungeon(s): Etten Caves
Dol Dínen
Nen Harn - Bree-land
Levels: Mainly 28 - 30
Resource tier: Expert
Taur Gonwaith.jpg

Taur Gonwaith is an area within North Downs in the south-eastern region.

Just east of the ancient town of Merenost, between Meluinen and Dol Dínen, lies an area of forest and boulders, hollows and humps, which is Taur Gonwaith. The trail into Dol Dínen over the narrow mountain pass is guarded by sluggish but strong Stone-trolls to the west, but goblins and wargs to the east, whichever dining table an adventurer prefer to become presented at.

Recently the Stone-trolls returned to this area with multiplied strength, likely in part to the Hill-men of Angmar that have allied with them, threatening the elves of Melunien. Whether they dwell well with the nearby orcs and goblins the tale does not tell, but they trouble the residents of Lin Giliath, the closest settlement with a stable. The Etten Caves is a public dungeon for level 32-33 fellowships and the area is popular for troll-slayer wannabees, but it does not provide any services whatsoever.


This public dungeon located within Taur Gonwaith:


ElfM.png Lagorlam [14.2S, 41.5W]


Etten Caves
See also Etten Caves for involving quests.


The following creatures are found within this area:


The name may well mean "Forest stone-people" as "taur" is Sindarin for "forest", "gond" means "stone", and "gwaith" means "people". Indeed a fitting name for the rumbling residents of this area.


Woods and Mountains

Map of North Downs Topographic map of North Downs


Gurmagath's den within Taur Gonwaith Another view of the troll hollows Hillmen patrol just outside the entrance to the Etten Caves The elf Lagorlam cornered by a stone-troll