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The Serni is a river of southern Gondor; it rises beneath the eastern White Mountains, and flows southwestward through Lebennin until it meets the River Gilrain at Linhir. Then it opens into a delta, joining the larger Ethir Anduin. That mouth was blocked with shingles, and ships that entered the Ethir Anduin preferred to enter it east of Tolfalas.

The river Serni is found in Lower Lebennin in the region of Central Gondor. It was strewn with rocks, lending it its name which derives from stony. There are two fords, with the western one being south of the town of Malbarth and the eastern one south of Ost Anglebed. The Serni is the domain of the stern River-maid Grey-eye, one of the Five Sisters, though she and her sisters were widely considered a myth by the time of the War of the Ring.


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