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This page is about the area in The North Downs. For the road outside Bree, see Greenway (Road)
Areas-icon.png Greenway
Region: The North Downs
Landmark(s): Minas Vrûn
Tarkrîp Assault Camp
The Trestlespan
Settlement(s): Amon Raith
Fields of Fornost
Nan Wathren
Levels: Mainly 24 - 25
Resource tier: Journeyman
Greenway ND.jpg

Greenway is an area within The North Downs in the south-western region.

In the west this area embraces the North-South Road (the Greenway in popular Bree-men speech) from the Trestlespan almost to Mincham's Camp in the northern Fields of Fornost. Eastwards this area follows the Kingsfell road just past Minas Vrûn and in the south the great chasm called Cirith Núr serves a natural border. (This area should not be confused with the Greenway road outside Bree.)

These days the area of Greenway does not provide any notable services, except a stable-master at Amon Raith. The glory of Arnor is broken long since and several orc camps and roaming wildlife makes the presence of Angmar apparent. Quests are found at an unnamed wood-worker camp is found under the ridges to the west and at Amon Raith.


The following settlements are found within this area:


These landmarks are located within Greenway:


See list of NPCs within Greenway.

HumanM.png Mattie Woodruff
HumanM.png Noll Tobbit


Amon Raith
Minas Vrûn

See "starting quests" and the landmarks for more quests


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Tarkrîp Assault Camp
The Trestlespan

The following creatures are found within this area:


Map of The North Downs Topographic map of The North Downs


Mattie & Noll at their camp in Greenway The northern junction between the Fields of Fornost, Greenway, & Annúndir A river inlet in Greenway One of many orc camps in the hostile wilds of Greenway Orc camp along the banks of a Greenway pond The southern junction between Trestlebridge, Greenway, and Nan Wathren Some unmarked ruins on the border of Annúndir