Echad Garthadir

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Settlements-icon.png Echad Garthadir
Region: Evendim
Area: Annúminas
Location: [19.0S, 70.9W]
Echad Garthadir.jpg


Echad Garthadir is a settlement located within the area of Annúminas in Evendim. [19.0S, 70.9W]

In the south-west of Annúminas, the ancient capital of Arnor, a large and devoted group of Wardens of Annúminas has set up a camp among the ruins. They are under constant attack by the grim Angmarim hosts who try to gain complete control of the area, but the Wardens often press back with the help of supporting visitors so that they may achieve Control of Annúminas.

The faint of heart may reach the camp from the western shores of Lake Evendim and through Adannon, as the Angmarim at that side are weakened and few. Otherwise, follow the marked trail at the map towards the higher levels in the south of the city.

This camp provides travelling services, healing, provisions, and supplies, as well as barterers for level 50 legendary armour and scroll-cases for rare Master recipes. Here are also several quest-givers for level 38 to 40 and 50. Tip: Grab the quest Orchalwë's Mission and summon Orchalwë as your bodyguard wherever you go, see more info and his sub-quests.


Echad Garthadir Stable-master


Destination Region Cost Prerequisites
Tinnudir (Swift) Evendim 20 Silver  Min Level: 35
Friend with The Wardens of Annúminas


The following deeds can be obtained by visiting this place:




Services & Supplies

NPC Function Coords
HumanF.png Colveril Supplier & Provisioner [19.0S, 70.9W]
Ranger.png Dannasmeth Stable-master [19.1S, 70.9W]
HumanF.png Dúcheryn Healer [19.0S, 71.0W]
HumanM.png Glanlin Supply & Recipe Trader [19.0S, 70.9W]


NPC Function Coords
HumanF.png Dinhiril Light Armour Trader [19.0S, 70.9W]
HumanF.png Ningwen Medium Armour Trader [19.0S, 70.9W]
HumanF.png Ariel Heavy Armour Trader [19.0S, 70.9W]
Bartered armour is for level 50.


NPC Function Coords
HumanF.png Eirieniel Task-master - Quest [19.1S, 70.9W]
Ranger.png Adadhrond Quest [19.0S, 70.9W]
Ranger.png Badhordam Quest [19.1S, 70.9W]
HumanF.png Calaneth Quest [19.1S, 70.9W]
Ranger.png Captain-General Daerdan Quest [19.1S, 71.0W]
HumanF.png Dannassel Quest [19.0S, 70.9W]
Ranger.png Fainneleg Quest [19.1S, 71.0W]
Ranger.png Marshall Ambadanir [19.1S, 71.0W]
Ranger.png Marshall Fimdir [19.1S, 71.0W]
Ranger.png Marshall Túdang [19.1S, 71.0W]
Ranger.png Dúnadan Warden of Annúminas
Ranger.png Ranger


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The series of stairs leading up to Echad Garthadir The eastern gate into the ranger camp The small corner in the camp set up for vendors The western gate into the ranger camp