Update 8, Riders of Rohan - October 15, 2012

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Update 8 Release Notes - Official

Of Special Note

The Riders of Rohan Expansion is here!

The Epic Story Continues!

We have finally (finally!) gotten to the Kingdom of Rohan! We have been looking forward to exploring the land of the horse-lords for a long, long time. We even have planning documents, maps and flow charts that date back to the Shadows of Angmar days. They have undergone extensive revision over the years, but Rohan is a land that we knew we had to get right. For that reason alone, we’ve spent a great deal of time ensuring that we could do it justice. After all, the stretch of The Lord of the Rings that we have gotten up to is often cited as the favorite of readers and film-lovers alike. We need our version of the Riddermark to be equally as beloved. Learn More about the Epic Story here!

The Eastern Rohan Region

There was no conceivable way to build all of Rohan in one pass: It’s just too big to do it justice. The plainest answer was to cut it in half, across the most obvious geographic boundary: the Entwash River, which divides the Eastemnet from the Westemnet. We’d do the eastern part first, since that’s contiguous with the Great River region and it’s where the Fellowship visits first. Learn more about creating Eastern Rohan at this page.

Mounted Combat

Almost since the day we launched The Lord of the Rings Online: Shadows of Angmar, players have asked when and how we will introduce mounted combat into the game. With the Riders of Rohan expansion, this much-discussed and oft requested feature is here ! Learn more about Mounted Combat in this developer diary.


One of the moments we wanted to capture was the idea of roving packs of monsters travelling across the massive rolling plains of Rohan. We wanted to ride over the distant hill only to find a pack of Warg-riders cresting the hill across from us. With danger imminent, do you engage, flee, or gather some nearby heroes to help? Learn more about Warbands!


One does not simply walk into… well you get the point! Mounted Combat requires an entirely new mount system to fully experience. Earn your Warsteed and battle across the plains of Eastern Rohan! Learn more about your warsteed with this developer diary!

New Legendary Item: Bridle

Legendary Bridles will become available for players to use after completing the “Devastation in the North” quest. Each bridle is designated for one of three steeds (Light, Medium, and Heavy), and players will receive their choice of one after having completed the Mounted Combat tutorial. Bridles function similarly to pre-existing Legendary Items, but utilize unique Mounted Relics which can be purchased through the store or crafted in-game and possess unique Mounted Combat legacies that will serve to increase a player’s potency in Mounted Combat. Bridles can be equipped across all War-steeds, although each bridle does maintain a set of legacies that will only function while riding the respective steed.

Eastemnet (Tier 8) Crafting

With the level cap raised to level 85, adventurers will need better gear and weapons to take on the challenges of protecting the Riddermark. A new tier of crafting and some changes to the system will help see to those needs. Learn more about Eastemnet Crafting.


Hytbold is a new soloable endgame experience being delivered with Riders of Rohan. It focuses on rebuilding a razed Rohirrim village by aiding the people of the Eastemnet through a large suite of rotating, randomized daily quests. It heavily employs phasing and utilizes three new technologies: Instanced Public Questing Areas, Open Tapping and Remote Looting. Its rewards are class specific, trait line specific armour sets with raid level set bonuses that are bind to account. Upon completing the town, players will be able to take part in a capstone experience that culminates the storylines of Eastern Rohan. If successful they will be named as Thane and considered an honorary noble of Rohan. Learn more about Hytbold.

Ettenmoors Revamp

The Ettenmoors is a unique place within the world of LOTRO; a corner of Middle-earth that allows players the ability to take up the banner of Sauron and openly battle against the forces of good. Over the course of LOTRO’s lifetime, the Ettenmoors has been updated several times. This is not one of those times. This is a new beginning; this is a reincarnation. Learn more about the major changes to the Ettenmoors.

Open Tapping and XP Changes

We are removing the XP penalty for helping a player who is fighting a tapped mob. Players who ran by and healed a player who was fighting a tapped mob or took a swing at the tapped mob, were hurting the player’s XP by a LOT. Now helping someone will just be a nice thing to do. (Hopefully bringing some more MM back into the landscape portion of our MMO).

To balance the ability of players to assist one another without penalty, we are trivializing the XP that purple (or impossible) mobs give a player. As these are mobs that should be impossible for you to kill anyway this shouldn’t impact the average player much.

Also, all the monsters in Rohan use a new open-tapping rule (aka tapping doesn’t exist). If you contribute to killing a monster in Rohan you will get full kill, deed, quest, and XP credit as if you killed the mob solo.

Level Cap raise to 85 and Class Changes

With the raise in level cap to 85, all nine classes have received new and improved skills. Be sure to read all of the changes in their respective class developer diaries! Additional changes may be found in the full release notes.

Release Notes


  • Purchasing an item from the LOTRO Store while stealthed will no longer break stealth, unless the item triggers an usage action that itself breaks stealth.
  • Many poison, disease, fear, and wound effects will now drop from players shortly after combat ends.
  • Landscape Soldier Tokens now have a 1 second cooldown on use.
  • Your selected target now has a tracking icon in the radar, similar to Hunter skill tracking, craft node tracking, pet tracking, and fellowship member tracking.
  • The caps on Outgoing Healing, Tactical Mastery and Physical Mastery have been increased.
  • Channeling skills will no longer fire an initial pulse. To compensate for this, all channeling skills are receiving an extra tick.
  • Looting corpses is now possible while mounted!
  • If a player not in your group attacks a tapped monster you are fighting or heals you, you will no longer suffer any XP penalties. They will not get credit for killing it since it was still tapped to you, but they will no longer hurt your rewards.
  • You no longer need to be Acquaintance with the elves of Lorien in order to pass the borders. People will need to be able to run through this land in order to access Mirkwood, the Great River, and the lands beyond. It's time for the Elves to be a little more trusting. (You are a friend of Gandalf, Elrond, and the Fellowship, after all.)
  • Channeling skills no longer perform an initial pulse as soon as they start channeling.
  • Channeling will no longer be canceled by a teleport triggered by entering a dynamic layer. This includes carry quests!
  • You can once again interrupt inductions with immediate skills even if the initially-selected target for the skill was not valid (but the actual target is). For example, a Minstrel with an enemy selected will be able to interrupt their own induction with a Chord of Salvation (because the true target is the Minstrel, not the selected enemy).
  • Playing Music with a Pibgorn can no longer be interrupted by forced emotes.
  • We have increased the speed at which a skirmish soldier reacts to the Direct Soldier command.
  • Shields will no longer show dye and pattern information when examined in the vault.
  • Dyes will now show their dye color when examined in the vault.
  • Life Drain effects will now honor incoming healing rating.
  • Quest items picked up when your inventory is full will show the overflow alert.
  • Items that start session play should now sparkle
  • Players should collide properly with Langhold.




  • The "Healing from Strength of Will" legacy has had its maximum bonus reduced to 10%, but now provides benefit for Song-brothers and Blade-brothers.
  • Shield of the Dunedain is now an Immediate Skill and may be used on players outside your fellowship.
  • Rohirric Armaments of the Oath-breaker, an upgraded version of "Armaments of the Oath-breaker" is now available from your class trainer. It is equippable at level 77.
  • Valiant Strike will always apply its healing effects even if you miss with your attack.
  • Captain's Shadows Lament skill will now cause 'a great deal of additional threat' as advertised.


  • Swift Blade now benefits from the +% Area of Effect Skill Damage Legacy.
  • Sudden Defence will now give players its buff as soon as the skill is triggered -- you should no longer run into the issue of dying while waiting for the animation to finish and give you your buff.
  • Merciful Strike damage while in Fervour has been adjusted. 3 Fervour pips should be on par with the damage of Brutal Strikes, while 4 and 5 pips surpass the damage dealt.
  • Hedge will now give its buffs as soon as the skill is used.
  • True Heroics will now restore Power to allies (and Morale if appropriate Legacy is slotted) to allies in all stances.


  • The Legacy Threat Generation Up will now display properly at ranks greater than 34.
  • The Overpower Power cost legacy has been replaced with Overwhelm Damage legacy. This legacy increases the damage done by the Overwhelm skill by 1%-10%.
  • Warrior's Fortitude now gains 1/2 of the normal Morale buff in Overpower stance in addition to the Physical Mastery buff.
  • Challenge/Improved Challenge will now be unchanged in Overpower stance.
  • Fixed the bug with Force Opening not always applying Parry event but always applying the item set debuff.
  • Challenge the Darkness will no longer lose its Tactical Mitigation buff when the Guardian's Ward trait is slotted.
  • Guardian Rohan update: Added the following in addition to their current effects.
    • +20% crit magnitude to OverPower
    • +10% crit magnitude to Keen Blade 3-set bonus
    • +10% crit magnitude to Keen Blade 4 set bonus
    • +10% crit magnitude to Haemorrhage trait






  • Life-taps are being renamed "Morale-taps" since you're technically not draining life, but Morale!
  • Brink of Victory will always apply self-effects, even on a miss.
  • Surety of Death will always apply self-effects, even on a miss.
  • All Warden Interrupt Gambits have been converted to "Fast" skills.
  • The damage reflect on Wall of Steel in Recklessness and Assailment has been increased, but these effects can no longer stack.
  • Morale-taps are now their own class of effect, and any Traits or Trait Line Bonuses which affect DoT or HoT duration will no longer affect Morale-taps.
  • The Trait "Deadly Insult" now also adds two pulses to Warden Morale-taps.
  • Having 4 traits slotted in the "Way of the Shield" trait line will also grant two pulses to Warden Morale-taps.
  • In an effort to boost sales, Provisioner Afwald in Hrimbarg is now selling a map which teaches "Muster in the Misty Mountains", which will take you back to Hrimbarg. You must be at least an acquaintance with the Elves of Rivendell.
  • A new travel skill, "Muster in Caras Galadhon", is now available! If you are at least an Acquaintance of the Galadhrim, see your trainer in Caras Galadhon, Beriawen, to barter for the bestowing scroll.
  • Combination Strike should now apply bonus damage properly if the Offensive Strike damage over time effect is present.
  • Some of the Assailment Stance gambits decided to trade effects:
  • Persevere, Safeguard, and Celebration of Skill are now usable at the same 25m range as other ranged Assailment Gambits, and will be modified by the Javelin Skills Max-Range Legacy.
  • The fabulous and famous Shield-Spear Threat Legacy has now been enhanced!
  • The amount of threat reduced by Shield-Spear Gambits in Assailment has been increased.
  • Shield-Spear Gambits in Determination now generate a small amount of added threat. The legacy now also enhances these threat generating effects.
  • Restoration's Heal over Time effect has been slightly reduced.
  • Phalanx of the West set bonuses will no longer prevent Boar's Rush and Unerring Strike from being slotted into Battle Memory.
  • When using javelin skills with Fire-oil or Light-oil applied, your javelins will appropriately be on fire or glow respectively.

Legendary Items

  • Players will be unable to use Experience Runes on IA weapons until they have completed all quests in Volume II, Book 1.
  • Khuzdul Tablets, Rusted Dwarf Tools and Bright Emblems of Nimrodel can now be traded in for Fused Tier 1 and Fused Tier 2 relics.
  • Fixed a DPS error that caused 2nd Age weapons to have better damage than 1st Age weapons. In fixing this error the DPS values for other weapons were slightly tweaked downward at some levels (most notably rare 1-handed weapons at levels 55 to 57 and 66 to 72).
  • Corrected the progression of secondary stats on Two-Handed Legendary Items so they will continue to advance when using Star-lit Crystals.

The Ettenmoors


  • With the minimum required level to enter the Ettenmoors being raised to 80, we're also removing much of the older gear on class vendors in Glan Vraig. Note that runics, level 75 weapons and class items, and the lvl 75 Audacity Armour Sets are not being removed.
  • Punctured Target and Improved Punctured Target now apply a slight armour debuff to targets.
  • The spawn-in timer on the guards that surround the defeat locations has been lengthened to allow players that are killed just as a keep falls to not be killed again by unfriendly guards.
  • Mordirith's Brand should no longer require Rank 15.
  • Monster Play Trainers no longer reference Spirit Stones.
  • Monster players will no longer see an option for toggling the soldier vitals UI when right-clicking their vitals.
  • Fixed a bug that caused Phial of Ak'lhun's Fury to grant a 60s of slow immunity. This now provides 10s of immunity.
  • Quests to create the horn of Tol Ascarnen on Freep and Creep side are no longer only completable by the first person to turn them in per capture.
  • The quest Defend Us now awards commendations.
  • The quest Patching the Holes - Quest tracker now appears when quest is taken.
  • Reduced the amount of delay between skill plays to improve responsiveness.
  • Share the Fun can no longer be applied to Artifact carries.
  • March: Now usable while moving.
  • Audacity now reduces the duration of Knock Out effects like the Warden's Ambush.
  • Freep Debuff and DoT icons now have icon borders that match the color of Creep cure potions.
  • With the increase in Commendation accrual rates, the cost of PvMP consumables has increased from 125 Commendations to 300 Commendations for a stack of 5.

Commendations, Contribution, & Rank Multipliers

  • Each player is now worth 50 Commendations. This value is divided equally between all players that contributers to a floor value of 10 Commendations (after 4 contributors all players recieve 10).
  • Infamy Distribution: Infamy is now distributed evenly between all contributors and has a floor value of 10%. Distribution, based on number of contributors is now: 1/.5/.33/.25/.2/.15/.1
  • We've added an Infamy/Glory and Commendation reward multiplier which will increase the amount of experience and currency a player is worth based on their Rank. Rank Multipliers are as follows (starting at rank 2): .03/.05/.08/.12/.15/.2/.25/.3/.35/.4/.5/.6/.7
  • To be a contributor you or your group must have damaged the target (or healed a player that has damaged the target) within 20s of the player's defeat.
  • Players no longer need to be within 80m of the defeated target to recieve rewards.

Troll & Ranger Sessions

  • Troll and Rangers are now immune to most movement speed debuffs.
  • Troll and Ranger session play defences have been increased.
  • Troll and Ranger session players should now be able to group with their non-session player allies.
  • The Troll has greater mitigations and health pool, but lower avoidances and is weaker to Light and Fire attacks.
  • The Ranger has greater avoidances and critical hit chance, but lower mitigations and is weaker to Acid and Shadow.
  • Ranger
    • Righteous Arrow: Range reduced to 30m; Induction reduced to 1s; Usable while moving.
    • Blood of the Dunedain: Induction reduced to 1s.
    • Fly True: Induction reduced to 1.5s.
  • Troll
    • Reduced the Troll’s health.
    • Reduced the Troll’s damage relative to the amount of AoE the session has.
    • Troll: Rampage increased incoming damage penalty from 10% to 50%.

Induction Setbacks for Player Skills

  • Inductions Setbacks have been modified to prevent skills from being setback indefinitely. Inductions now suffer a 50% set back on first hit, 25% setback on second hit, and are immune to setback after that.
  • Guardian's Stances suffer a 25% setback on the first two hits and then are immune.

Crowd Control Diminishing Returns

  • Crowd Control effects have been split into separate channels and the reset time for each channel has been reduced. This will allow for a greater variety of offensive and defensive skill rotations for our control classes.
    • Stunned, Conjuction Stunned, Dazed, Mez
    • Fear & Terror
    • Rooted
  • Reset time for each Diminishing Return channel has been reduced from 45s to 20s. This means that for a target's Diminishing Returns Channel to reset, they must not be hit by an effect associated with that Channel for 20s.

Crumbling Brands

  • The potency of the Crumbling Brands offered in the LOTRO Store have been reduced. Instead of 60s of Crowd Control immunity every 5 minutes, they are now 10s of Crowd Control Immunity every 2 minutes.
  • These changes will only impact Brands purchased after Update 8. Exising Brands will retain their original potency.

Krahjarn Tyrant

  • Fixed a bug that was preventing his Flurry of Blows attack from damaging Freeps.


  • Howl of Unnerving: Fear proc increased from 25 to 50% chance.
  • Rabid Bite: Base Power cost debuff increased to 40%.
  • Enhanced Skill: Rabid Bite: Power cost debuff increased by 35%.
  • Disappear: Cooldown reduced to 5 min.
  • Enhanced Skill: Disappear: Reduces cooldown by 2 min.
  • Sprint: Cooldown reduced to 5 min.
  • Enhanced Skill: Sprint: Reduces cooldown by 2 min.
  • Topple: Cooldown reduced to 5 min.
  • Stalker: Flayer Morale Bubble potency increased.
  • Crippling Bite slow will no longer overwrite the Torn Muscle slow.


  • Enhanced Skill: Jagged Cut: 100% Bleed application chance.
  • Extended Reach: Increases max targets by 6.
  • Wrath, Glory in Victory, Time-Out, Blood Lust : Removed the animation to ensure the Reaver can utilize the full buff duration.
  • Reduce skill delay after using any of the Reaver's buffs and Defeat Event skills – this will make the subsequent skill plays significantly more responsive.
  • Increased animation speed of the Reaver's attacks and reduced delay between attacks for quick strikes. To compensate for the increased attack speed, overall damage has been reduced by 5%.


  • Banner of Horror/Terror: Coodlowns reduced to 5min. No longer share the same recovery channel.
  • Quitters Never Win: Cooldown reduced to 5min.
  • Enhanced Skill: Quitters Never Win: Reduces cooldown to 3min.
  • Enhanced Skill: Menacing Roar - Cooldown Reduction increased from 5s to 15s.
  • Fracture is now an immediate skill.
  • Shield Mastery now grants Shield Bash +25% critical chance and +50% Damage.
  • All Melee skills now do Shadow damage.
  • Banner of Terror damage debuff increased from 3% to 10%.
  • Command Post
    • Damage buff increased from 3% to 10%.
    • ICPR and ICMR buff increased.
    • No longer reduces incoming damage.
    • Power Cost increased.
  • Banner of Horror
    • Now debuffs unified Resistances and for a greater amount.
    • Now debuffs Physical & Tactical Mitigations and for a greater amount.
  • Point-defence
    • Grants Physical and Tactical Mitigation buff.
    • Grants unified Resistances buff.
    • Block/Parry/Evade buff increased.
    • Power Cost increased.
  • Aura of Command now grant 5% Bonus Health and the Armour buff has been increased.
  • Power of Fear FX are now only visible the caster.


  • Penetrating Arrows: Bow attacks ignore 10% of target's mitigations.
  • Enhanced Skill: Gash: Gash stuns targets for 6s, but cooldown increased to 20s.
  • Enhanced Skill: Headshot: 50% Knockdown chance on hit; 100% Knockdown chance on crit.
  • Keen Eye: Fixed an bug that prevented the full damage buff from being applied. Keen Eye should now increase ranged skill damage appropriately.
  • Keen Eye Stance: Removed the movement speed debuff and instead made the effect Combat Only. Nine seconds after combat ends, the Keen Eye Stance buffs will be cleared.
  • Keen Eye: now provides increased damage to effects (Flaming Arrow, Vital Target DoT, Fire Trap)
  • Centre: Removed the Power cost from the skill.
  • Centre: This is now an instant skill that restores 800 Power initially and 200 Power every 2s for 10s. 2min cooldown.
  • Feel the Burn: Converts all Blackarrow skills to Fire Damage.
  • Fire Trap & Set Trap no longer share cooldowns.
  • Swift Draw: Induction reduction increased from .3 to .5.
  • Fire Trap: Damage increased.
  • Snare: DoT damage increased.
  • Steadfast Barrage: No longer has an induction.
  • Screaming Shafts: Reduced the miss chance.
  • Improved Punctured Target: Fixed a bug that prevented the skill from gaining Keen Eye bonuses.


  • Enhanced Skill: Plague Gourd: Crit chance increased to 50%.
  • Fast Lob: Reduces cooldown on all Gourd and Curse skills.
  • The skill "Blessing of Darkness" will now properly heal the targeted player when the Defiler has the trait "Enhanced: Blessing of Darkness."


  • Born of Shadow now provides a bonus 20% mitigation over 5 attacks.
  • Enhanced Skill: Piercing Attack damage bonus increased to 50%.
  • Enhanced Skill: Tainted Kiss damage bonus increased to 50%.
  • Tainted Kiss & Mephitic Kiss no longer share the same equivilance class, allowing them both to be applied to the same target.
  • Piercing Attack damage over time changed to Acid damage.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented the Weaver's Hatchling from being able to pass through the gates of Gramsfoot.
  • Scytode Brood Hatchling: Reduced the critical chance and critical damage multipliers on the auto-attack.
  • Strong Brood Hatchling: All skills now do Acid damage. Likelihood of the Moderate auto-attack increased.
  • Piercing Attack: Penetrates 10% of target's mitigations (tooltip updated).
  • Enhanced Skill: Piercing Attack: Increases mitigation penetration by 15%.
  • Enhanced Skill: Latent Poison: Reduces countdown by 10s.
  • Catch Prey: No longer applies an initial buff/debuff. After 4s, 2% Block, Parry, and Evade are taken from the target and applied to the Weaver. Every 4s that effect tiers up to a cap of 10% Block, Parry, and Evade. Cooldown reduced to 15s.
  • Venom pips now increase the Weaver's damage and resistance penetration by 5/10/15/20/30%.
  • Venom Pips now increase all of the Weaver's skill damage.

Skirmishes, Instances, & Raids

  • The gates in the Storm on Methedras Skirmish were bugged, allowing players to close them, thus preventing completion of the Skirmish. They have been reset so that players cannot manually open or close them.
  • Roots of Fangorn challenge quest and chest will now reset on boss fight reset.
  • When talking to the Skirmish Captain, you can now barter for traits and then slot them right away with both windows open at the same time.
  • Cancelling a Skirmish Captain trait slotting session will no longer cause your Skirmish Soldier to revert back to the default "Soldier" role.
  • Moria: The crafting resource instances are now lower level. The lower tier instances are at challenge level 53, and the higher tier instances are at challenge level 57.
  • Skirmishes - Worn Symbols of Celebrimbor have been moved out of the weekly locked Skirmish Raid / Helegrod chests. They are now available in the standard chests (or boss corpses) found when the Skirmish Raid (or Helegrod) is completed.
  • Rewards previously found in Fornost are now available at the Classic skirmish vendors found across Middle-earth.
  • Nurar (classic Fornost head armour) is now listed under Medium Fornost armor, instead of Light.

Fornost - Adjusting currency drop rates as follows:

  • Seals: Instances will give more seals per run on completing a Challenge.
  • Medallions: Instance optional quests will give substantially more Medallions per run.
  • Marks: Reduced amount of marks given from Challenge modes to be around the amount given from a boss kill -- giving more than the entire instance combined was over-kill.

Fil Gashan

  • The sentry quest will no longer re-bestow if you enter after having failed it.

Carn Dum



  • Curing Salves (Milkthistle, Lhinestad, Healing, and Conhuith) should properly dispel debuffs up to their specified maximum level, regardless of target level.
  • Tactical Mastery was added back to the Relic:Westfold Rune of Power and the Relic:Great River Rune of Power.
  • Because some instruments were more powerful than others, all tier 7 crafted instruments have been rebalanced. They should now be more consistent with each other & provide better choices for Minstrels.
  • Star-lit Crystals are now of Incomparable quality and will respect loot rules.
  • Barter Wallet - Fish Taxidermy Barter Items may now fit into the Premium Barter Wallet.
  • Increased the duration of tier 7 hunter bowchants to match that of fire and light oils.
  • The player to be named later has been named. It wasn't you.
  • The stats of all Moria quest rewards have been adjusted.
  • Some Moria rewards have been renamed to better reflect who gives them now.
  • Many scaling items have been re-named.
  • The stats on the Gauntlets of Perseverance have been increased to match the other two sets.
  • Brungwath's Horn now has a 10 minute cooldown and Bagmund's Medallion has a 15 minute cooldown. These are unique items used in Great River quest instances.
  • The 5-piece bonus from the Warden's Lady's Favour armour set should now appropriately grant a 10% increase to Tactical Mitigation while using Shield Tactics.
  • The stats on Leofmar's Broad Axe have been adjusted to make it fall in-line with other weapons of the same level and quality


  • The north, east, west and High Crag parts of the Misty Mountains should now have Lebethron branches. The area containing the Giant Halls should now have Ancient Iron, Ancient Silver and Black Ash.
  • One-shot recipes in Lothlorien and Stangard that require both reputation and region tokens to attain are no longer Bind on Acquire.


  • The quest "Finding the Remedy" (as well as the repeatable version of the quest) will now be turned in to Penda, instead of Frithstan. If you had either quest underway, it will be versioned from your quest log and you will need to accept it again from the appropriate bestower.
  • There was a bug that allowed players to block progression in the Brown Lands if they completed Sellswords and Turncoats before completing Trouble Enough (since Dagbert phased out.) A Black Wind from the East has been removed from Trouble Enough and can be completed even if Dagbert phases. Ceola will then bestow Dagbert's remaining quests. If Sellswords and Turncoats is turned in after Dagbert's remaining quests are underway, they will fail, and Ceola's versions will become available. If Sellswords and Turncoats is turned in before A Black Wind from the East is obtained from Dagbert, Ceola will bestow A Black Wind from the East. This should unblock everyone currently blocked.
  • Dunland - The quest that sends the player from the Bonevales to Trum Dreng after Bonevales content is complete now vectors more accurately, sending players to the introductory quest bestower instead of Lhan Tarren, where quests likely aren't available yet.
  • Some Angmar quests had very high monster kill counts. These have been generally reduced to be more reasonable.
  • Quests in Bree-land are being broken into individual quest categories in your quest log. Instead of "Bree-land," quests will be listed under categories like "Bree-land: Combe."
  • Quests - Parth Celebrant - The Oathbreakers of Parth Celebrant - The three oathbreakers will no longer refuse to speak with you if you leave combat or are interrupted by another player.
  • Moria - Waterworks - You should now be able to finish the Waterworks regardless of quests underway before Update 7.
  • Quests -- Great River -- The Battle of Ost Celebrant -- Doron can now be summoned again from the horn if you lose him after completing the Omen from the East instance.
  • Epic: Volume 2, Book 6, Chapter 8, Solo: New Devilry -- Gloom-walker and flame-drinker floor areas now apply the correct effects.


  • Taskboards now have a unique icon on the radar instead of a quest ring. They will now be marked by a golden feather.
  • Tasks across the game will now require only 10 trophies for completion, excepting special cases (like the Limlight Gorge.)

Quest Guide

  • The Quest Guide Just Got Smarter! – For some quests which only allowed you to use a particular item once and then have to go hunt down another one of those items, the quest guide now will no longer show you the item that has already been used.
  • Raiding the Larder – The Quest Guide will now correctly direct you to the guardhouse and back to Morflak.
  • Trivial Business – The Quest Guide should now function correctly for carrying the crates.
  • Fixed a bug where the new item overlay appeared on the Quest Tracker Item Display for quests with usable items.

Festivals and Events

  • Race Tokens from the 2011 Summer Festival will now turn into Festival Tickets when placed in your inventory. Festival Tickets are also now barter wallet items. If you have any Race Tokens or Festival Tickets in storage, you will need to place them in to your inventory to have them update properly.
  • The "Treasure Hunt" festival event will no longer force players to spend another pick to retrieve their loot if they accidentally close the loot window.


  • When hovering over a monster, the tooltip will now show an indication when killing the monster can bestow a quest but the quest is currently on cooldown.
  • The quest "Merchants of Avardin" in Starkmoor will now properly show tooltip text on its related monsters to indicate that killing them will advance the quest.
  • The tooltip for the Champion skill "True Heroics" will now accurately reflect its chance to heal other fellowship members due to legacies on legendary items.
  • Added a new Game Option under Options -> UI Settings -> Misc called "Enable New Item Highlighting". This option defaults ON (checked). Players can uncheck this option to disable highlighting for new inventory items arriving in their inventory bags.
  • The tooltip for currencies awarded by quests is now accurate.
  • When leaving an instance in the middle of a boss fight, you will no longer have the event tracking panel lingering on your screen.
  • Lock-On Camera: Targeting yourself will no longer point your camera due north, targeting yourself is like targeting nothing now.
  • Entering mouselook mode or clicking in the 3d area of the game will now cause the currently focused UI element to loose focus. This means that the webstore will no longer trap your keyboard input even when clicking outside of it. Another behavior that this changes is if you are typing in the chat window and enter mouselook mode, your chat window will lose focus.
  • When attempting to slot a Legendary Item that is not identified, players will now be informed of why the action is failing.
  • When attempting to use target skill forwarding to assist a player in another area or instance, a useful error message will be properly displayed.
  • The French and German clients now properly allow the showing or hiding of task board locations in the map.
  • The Blackarrow skill "Snare" will no longer display redundant effect information in its tooltip.
  • That thing that bothered everyone has been fixed. It will now bother everyone that it is missing.
  • The Barter menu will now show details of what incomplete quest or quests are blocking the purchase of an item.
  • The color picker in the Quest Guide map display now expands to the left instead of to the right. As part of this, the display can now be dragged all the way to the right of the screen if so desired.
  • When you encounter a monster that can grant you a quest when you kill it or approach it, you will now see quest icons over their heads that, like NPC quest icons, will change state depending on if the quests are fully available, part of the epic book, require a purchase from the LOTRO Store, or are on cooldown.
  • Ghosted out encounters in the "Specific" tab of Instance Finder no longer become ungreyed out when you close and reopen their category while they are selected.
  • Pet vital bars will no longer hide the effects behind them when the effects are behind the invisible portion of the vital bars.
  • You can now correctly see the upgrade stars in the tooltips for Legendary Items in your vault, shortcut links, auction listings, etc.
  • Text links generated when you acquire new relics now support examination of those relics.
  • Bug Fix - Rune-keeper satchels now display their dye color on tooltip.

Locked Lootboxes

  • Level 60 locked lootboxes should no longer drop Aquamarine Shards.
  • Jewelry found in a Locked Lootbox is now Bind on Equip, rather than Bind on Acquire.
  • Jewelry found in Locked Lootboxes no longer gives set bonuses.
  • Locked Lootboxes have been improved. Drops from locked lootboxes should be much better, on average, than before.
  • Locked Lootboxes no longer have maximum levels.
  • Locked lootbox jewelry now gives bonuses to virtues directly, rather than as set bonuses.
  • Creeps who have the level 70-79 Steel-bound Lootbox will will be able to get the same rewards from them as the level 80-85 lootboxes.

Graphics, FX, Audio

  • A bug caused Ambient Music to occasionally revert to an incorrect track after an area transition. It should better match the local area now. No more happy chirping birds in the long dark of Moria!
  • Sounds should no longer replay when the client regains focus.
  • Downward spiraling sound volumes should no longer occur for players with unchecked Persistent Sound audio options.
  • Music no longer abruptly starts or stops when crossing area boundaries.
  • The Persistent Sound checkbox has been replaced with a Focus Loss Behavior dropdown box. The dropdown box offers three selections:
    • Disable Sound - Sound is completely disabled on focus loss. Sounds must be fully recreated when the client regains focus and will start over at the very beginning.
    • Mute Sound - Sound is muted on focus loss. Sound processing continues to occur but cannot be heard, and will not start from the beginning when the client regains focus.
    • Persist Sound - Sound continues to play on focus loss.

Chat & Social

  • You can now have both the profanity filter and chat timestamps enabled at the same time.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the location of anonymous friends to appear in the /friend list command.

Auction House

  • You can now search for Passive Skills, Mount Skills and Gambits.
  • he Relic Removal Scroll has been added to the Legendary Scrolls auction house category.


  • Male-gendered kinship titles now have female-gendered counterparts. If you are a female Lord, your title will now be Lady, if you were a female Caun, your title will now be an Aranel, etc.

Travel and Travel Steeds

  • A new horse is available from the Heroes of Limlight Gorge rep vendor.


  • Added IsMarkupEnabled, SetMarkupEnabled to the Label class. This will allow for a limited set of HTML style tags to be used for formatting text. Tags include<b>, <i>, <u>, <p>, and a custom <rgb=#XXXXXX> tag. Make sure you close them </>.
  • Added Graphic class. This class can be initialized with an asset ID or a path to a plugin asset and will then hold an instance of that resource that can be used by SetBackground on controls. Using this class allows for the caching of graphics used by plugins.
  • Added GetBackground to Control. This returns a Graphic object that can be used to set the background of other controls to the same graphic.
  • Added GetLanguage to Engine. This returns an enumeration value from Language that represents the supported client languages. This reflects directly what language was specified to the client to use.
  • Added GetMoney, GetMoneyComponents, GetDestinyPoints to MonsterPlayerAttributes.
  • Added GetStance and change event to WardenAttributes.
  • Added GetTrainedGambits, GetUntrainedGambits to WardenAttributes.
  • Added GetTrainedSkills, GetUntrainedSkills to LocalPlayer.
  • Added Harmony to the MinstrelStance enumeration.
  • Added GetWinterstormLevel, GetMasterOfTragedyLevel, GetMasterOfAllusionLevel, GetMasterOfConnocationLevel, and change events to Rune-keeperAttributes.
  • Changed ItemAdded, ItemRemoved in the Wallet to include the WalletItem in the arguments class as args.Item.
  • Added color constants for the standard web color set to Turbine.UI.Color.
  • Added GetMount to LocalPlayer.
  • Added Mount, BasicMount, and CombatMount.
  • Fixed an issue where dragging the chat window over a LUA window that supported drag drop would result in the chat window dissapearing and eventually a crash.
  • Added Crafting classes to LUA! New classes and enumerations: CraftTier, Profession, ProfessionInfo, Recipe, RecipeIngredient, Vocation.
  • Added GetVocation, GetProfessionInfo, and VocationChanged event to FreePeopleAttributes.
  • Changed how events are fired from native code. The objects registered as an event handler can now be a callable table. The Turbine.Event LUA class has been updated to make use of this functionality as an example.
  • Changed Control.SetBackColor so that it can accept Nil. This can be used to reset the back color so that it will be transparent again.
  • Added TextChanged event to TextBox.
  • Added Sort to ListBox. Takes in a function that is callback with two list items for comparison.
  • Fixed a text positioning issue with Labels when they were below a minimum size.
  • Added GetFilter, SetFilter to TreeView. The filter is used to filter the displayed tree nodes. The filter is a function that is called back with each treeview item.
  • Added GetSortMethod, SetSortMethod to TreeView. The sort method is a function that is called back to perform node sorting.
  • Added Refresh to TreeView. This will force filtering and sorting to be reapplied. Useful if you change the data the filter relies on.
  • Added SelectedChanged event to TreeNode.
  • Fixed an issue with constructing TreeNode heirarchies and then adding the root of that tree to a TreeView. This now works as expected.
  • Added Get/Set Minimum/Maximum Width/Height/Size methods to Window. This allows constraints to be set on resizable windows. These constraints affect calls to SetSize as well.
  • Added ItemInfoControl. This is similar to ItemControl only it accepts an ItemInfo object and the quantity can be specified manually. This also supports a grayed out state when SetEnabled(false) is called.

Source: Update 8, Riders of Rohan, Official