Update 7.4 Official - September 17, 2012

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Update 7.4 Release Notes - Official

Of special note

Performance enhancements and monitoring

With Update 7.4 we have added new tech to the game that we believe will address a number of performance related issues players are currently reporting. Please be aware that this tech will be turned off at launch and will be enabled slowy over time as we check and verify this tech works as expected and intended. We will be carefully monitoring the results and making adjustments and changes as needed. This means any changes or improvements may not be immediately apparent with the release of Update 7.4.


Treasure Hunt

  • New rewards can now be found during the Treasure Hunt!
  • Bug fixes.

Fall Festival

  • New rewards are available for the Fall Festival.
  • Addressed a number of minor issues with the festival.

Source: Update 7.4 Official