Quest:Trivial Business

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Trivial Business
Level 72
Type Solo
Starts with Morflak's Lackey
Starts at Ring of Isengard
Quest Group Vol. III. Book 4
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

You aren't like others of your kind, are you? You know when to do as you're told!

'Urdan has built many of the siege-engines the Old Man plans to use for the war, and many are still under construction. Go see if he has any work for you to do.'


Morflak's lackey wants you to see if there is anything Urdan, the builder of war-machines for Saruman, needs you to do.

Objective 1

Urdan is by the large war-machines on the eastern side of the Ring of Isengard.

Morflak's lackey wants you to see if Urdan has anything that needs doing.

Urdan: 'You're one of Morflak's underlings? I'd rather he left me alone! I've got work to do, real work, and don't have time for his bluster.
'Most of these engines are nearly finished, <race>. I could use another crate of tools if you need something to keep you busy. Follow the Ring-wall to the north; you'll find the crates near the anvil field by the great bellows, north of the tower.'

Objective 2

  • Pick up a crate of tools
  • Carry the crate of tools to Urdan

Urdan wants you to fetch him a crate of tools from the anvil field north of Orthanc. He told you to follow the Ring-wall north to reach it.

Urdan: 'Stop standing around and fetch me a crate of tools from the anvil field north of here! Just follow the Ring-wall north until you see the anvil field and the great bellows! Morflak will hear about this if you don't do this at once!'
You successfully delivered the crate of tools to Urdan

Objective 3

  • Talk to Morflak's lackey

Morflak's lackey wants to speak with you.

Morflak's Lackey: 'I am going to speak with Morflak about this. Urdan should know better than to give you such trivial business. Hauling crates around? Doesn't he know you belong to Morflak now?'