Mischievous Delight

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Mischievous Delight
  • 16.5m Range
  • Tactical Skill
  • Skill Type: Debuff, Heal
  • Restore both Morale and Power by removing and active Trick from the foe.

    This skill will never miss against on-level targets, nor can it be parried, blocked or evaded.
  • Breaks target out of Dazed
  • Effects applied to the Fellowship within 20 metres:
  • +[23100 - 28800 at Level 150] Morale
    Effect applied to the Fellowship within 20 metres:
    Restores [1,440 at Level 150] Power initially.
    Restores [2,010 at Level 150] Power every 3.0 seconds for 18 seconds.
  • Cost: [538 at Level 150] Power
  • Cooldown: 45s

General Information

Class: Burglar

Trait Tree: The Mischief-maker

Rank Needed: 35 (set bonus Confound the Fools)

This skill replaces the skill  Mischievous Glee.


Using this skill instantly restores [23100 - 28800 at Level 150] morale and causes  Mischievous Delight to occur on yourself and fellowship members.

Trait Information

The trait Perplexing Proposition in the Mischief-maker trait tree reduces the cooldown of this skill by up to 25 seconds.


The Mischievous Glee Initial Healing tracery can increase the Morale and Power heal up to max. 18.25%.

Tactical Information

This skill is one of the few Morale and Power restore skills a Burglar possesses. Using the skill Subtle Stab will reduce the cooldown for this skill. Using the skill Ready and Able will reset the cooldown on this skill.