Quest:Covert Reparations I -- Sugary Sincerity

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Covert Reparations I -- Sugary Sincerity
Level ...
Type Solo
Repeatable Daily
Starts with Laufar
Starts at Thorin's Hall Inn
Start Region Thorin's Gate
Map Ref [13.8S, 103.2W]
Quest Group Festival
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

'You again! I saw everything! Óli will not speak to you now because you were so mean to him before. He has been moping ever since, poor fellow.

'But the Inn League sent you this time? You will have your work cut out for you if you wish to win him back. I'll give you a tip: my good friend Óli has a sweet tooth, and his favourite candy is Sugared Honeysuckle.

'I know that Lóthinn occasionally gets orders of honeysuckle candies in his inventory. You should talk to him, and see if you can make a present of them to poor old Óli.'


Ailward Chubb is confused as to why four dwarves have recently left the Inn League without so much as a word. He does not know it, but you harassed them on behalf of the Ale Association. You should make reparations if you wish to do your duty to the Inn League.

Objective 1

  • See if Lóthinn has any Sugared Honeysuckle

Lóthinn is in the basement of Thorin's Hall, selling various healing goods and potions that improve morale.

You should see if Lóthinn has any Sugared Honeysuckle, for it was rumoured that he occasionally carried some in his inventory.

Laufar: 'You should try to find Sugared Honeysuckle for dear old Óli. He is very sad, and they might cheer him up enough for him to listen to you again.'
Lóthinn: 'Sadly, I do not have any Sugared Honeysuckle at this time. It is a rare treat, and the last jar was bought from me not long ago, by Gammall the cook, who said he wanted to use them in a special recipe.
'You could see if Gamall has used them yet.'
Lóthinn does not have any candy

Objective 2

  • See if Gamall has any Sugared Honeysuckle

Gamall the cook is in the Maker's Hall, inside of Thorin's Hall.

You should speak with Gamall to see if he might be able to give you the Sugared Honeysuckle he bought.

Gamall: 'The Sugared Honeysuckle? No, I do not have it anymore. I...used it in a recipe. Where is the finished dish? All right, you caught me! I did not cook with it. I merely gave it away and took credit for the recipe. Heikki Goldwatcher bought them from me. He wanted something home-made and sweet. Do not tell him!'
Gamall does not have any candy

Objective 3

Heikki Goldwatcher is in the main Hall of Thorin's Hall.

You should speak with Heikki Goldwatcher, for he was the one that re-bought the Sugared Honeysuckle from Gamall the cook.

Heikki Goldwatcher: 'Yes, I bought the Sugared Honeysuckle, and for quite the price too! Gamall's dishes are not cheap. But I wanted to give a special gift to Dwalin. I think he will look favourably upon me when it is time for promotions, you see. And who doesn't love candy?'
Heikki Goldwatcher doesn't have any candy

Objective 4

  • See if Dwalin has the Sugared Honeysuckle

Dwalin is in Thorin's Hall, standing at the end of the Hall.

You should see if Dwalin still has the Sugared Honeysuckle candies, given to him by a dwarf who hoped to earn his favour.

Dwalin: 'Sugared Honeysuckle? Yes, I have it. Hate the stuff. If you want it, it's yours! I was going to throw it away.'
Finally! A dwarf with some candy.

Objective 5

Laufar is in the basement of Thorin's Hall, standing with Óli.

You should bring the Sugared Honeysuckle to Laufar as a gesture of reparation for your cruel behaviour to Óli.

Laufar: 'I can't believe it! How did you manage to find Sugared Honeysuckle at this time of year? I will give this to Óli for you. I'm sure he can be persuaded to join the friendly hobbits of the Inn League once again.'
Laufar says, "Look, Óli; it's your favourite candy!"
Óli says, "Candy! Oh, joy!"
Laufar says, "Are you still a sad old fellow? Can we do anything else for you?"
Óli says, "I could not be happier!"