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Wistmead is a closed location accessed exclusively during the Harvest Festival, introduced in 2018. It is accessible via a horse near Bingo Boffin[29.8S, 71.2W] during the Festival. It is not accessible during other times.

Set up by a team of hobbits from Hobbiton and Bywater in the span of roughly 2 weeks, the area's main attraction is the large wheat maze dotting the center of the clearing. The ruined structures suggest that the woods were once inhabited long ago.



Iris Tunnelly's Cats



Continues from Frightful Tales to Curl the Hair On Your Toes


Ponies painted for the Season
Coordinates Directions / Description
[70.79N, 113.82W] Angelica Boffin
[70.65N, 113.82W] Begonia Grubb
[70.80N, 113.49W] Berilac Boffin
[70.37N, 113.50W] Bingo Boffin
[70.71N, 113.36W] Camellia Boffin
[70.63N, 113.86W] Dinodas Boffin
[70.05N, 113.84W] Esmeralda Boffin
[70.78N, 113.66W] Ermentrude Haybank
[70.48N, 113.34W] Fosco Boffin
[70.70N, 113.37W] Griffo Boffin
[70.68N, 113.87W] Halinard Bunce
[70.70N, 113.65W] Iris Tunnelly
[70.65N, 114.10W] Marigold Boffin
[70.67N, 113.83W] Mogo Bracegirdle
[70.61N, 113.88W] Opal Goodbody
[70.64N, 113.91W] Rosa Hornblower
[70.74N, 113.61W] Walaric Goldworthy

Wheat Maze

Main page: Tanglecorn

  • There is a harvest festival maze to run!
  • Get the quests from Ermentrude Haybank by the maze entrance.