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Settlements-icon.png Tornhad
Region: Trollshaws
Area: The Angle of Mitheithel
Location: [42.5S, 23.3W]

Tornhad is a settlement located within the area of the Angle of Mitheithel, in the Trollshaws. [42.5S, 23.3W] [42.5S, 23.3W]

The village of Tornhad, located at the bottom of a wooded river-gorge in the Angle and not far from Thelgarth, is the chief ranger settlement in the area. Unlike several other encampments of the Dúnedain, Tornhad has managed to remain a more or less permanent settlement of that folk, primarily as a result of their ability to flee to caves in the hills when danger seems near to discovering them.

In time of peace, Tornhad is home to many families of rangers, and the children learn their ways of survival at a young age; some of them are additionally fostered in Rivendell, receiving instruction in history, art, and craft. With war seeming to loom on the horizon, many of the Dúnadan women and children have already removed to the safety of their hidden caves, while others arm for battle and roam the wilderness, keeping the roads clear at Aragorn's command.

The village provides a forge, workbench, and a supplier. There are a stable-master, healer, provisioner, and a reputation quartermaster for the Defenders of the Angle faction. And many quest-givers.


The Stables of Tornhad
The Village Seen from the South
Tornhad's Crafting Area
The Main Road

Services are found about [42.4S, 23.3W]




The following deeds can be advanced by visiting this place:





NPC Function Coords
RangerF.png Quartermaster Reputation Barterer [42.5S, 23.3W]
ElfM.png Stable-master Stable-master [42.4S, 23.3W]
HumanM.png Supplier Supplier [42.4S, 23.3W]
ElfM.png Provisioner Provisioner [42.4S, 23.3W]
ElfF.png Healer Healer [42.4S, 23.3W]
Ranger.png Angwedh Quest [42.9S, 23.9W]
RangerF.png Gorwen Quest [43.0S, 24.0W]
Ranger.png Faeron Quest [43.0S, 23.4W]
Ranger.png Helchon Quest [43.6S, 23.7W]
Ranger.png Himeinior Quest [42.5S, 23.5W]
Ranger.png Idhrenfair Quest [42.5S, 23.5W]
Ranger.png Lagordal Quest [43.1S, 22.8W]
Ranger.png Mithrendan Quest [43.4S, 23.4W]
Ranger.png Prestadír Quest [42.5S, 23.2W]
HumanM.png Waltney Maythorn III Quest [42.9S, 23.4W]
ElfM.png Ravaedron During quest [42.4S, 23.2W]