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Settlement.png Thorenhad
Region: The Trollshaws
Area: Bruinen Gorges
Location: [31.6S, 15.1W]


Thorenhad is a settlement located within the area of Bruinen Gorges in The Trollshaws. [31.6S, 15.1W]

These crumbled ruins are located a distance north of the Great East Road, at what once was a road to the watchtowers of Nan Tornaeth to the north. The name, Thorenhad, is Sindarin for "Fenced Place" but these days the fence is withered and the place is safe only because of it is levelled above the landscape and that the winding path is easily defended.

Within the ruined fort a number of Elf Scouts have set up camp, charged with patrolling The Trollshaws for signs of evil. Protected by those scouts are a provisioner, a supplier, and vendors who sells armaments for levels 30 to 40. There are several campfires for Cooks to create tasty dishes.





Destination Region Cost Prerequisites
Ost Guruth The Lone-lands 15 Silver 
Barachen's Camp (Swift) The Trollshaws 35 Silver 
Echad Candelleth (Swift) The Trollshaws 35 Silver  Min Level: 35
Echad Candelleth The Trollshaws 25 Silver  Min Level: 35
Nan Tornaeth (Swift) The Trollshaws 35 Silver 
Rivendell (Swift) The Trollshaws 35 Silver 
Rivendell The Trollshaws 25 Silver 



Epic Quests




The following NPCs provide services.

NPC Function Coords
ElfM.png Breglobor Stable-master [31.7S, 15.0W]
ElfM.png Fathrem Provisioner [31.5S, 15.1W]


NPC Function Coords
ElfF.png Ninimiel Light Armoursmith [31.5S, 15.1W]
ElfF.png Haerel Medium Armoursmith [31.5S, 15.1W]
ElfM.png Gelluigon Heavy Armoursmith [31.5S, 15.1W]
ElfM.png Ruthlas Bowyer [31.5S, 15.1W]
ElfM.png Pigedhryn Pole Turner [31.5S, 15.1W]
ElfF.png Limruineth One-handed Weaponsmith [31.5S, 15.1W]
ElfM.png Silivremir Two-handed Weaponsmith [31.5S, 15.1W]
Armour and Weapons are for levels 30 to 40


NPC Function Coords
Elladan.png Elladan Quest [31.6S, 15.2W]
Elrohir.png Elrohir Quest [31.6S, 15.2W]
ElfF.png Elweleth Quest [31.7S, 15.0W]
Dwarf.png Wéthorm Quest [31.5S, 15.2W]
Dwarf.png Birrungur Blacksteel [31.5S, 15.2W]
ElfM.png Scout [31.7S, 15.0W]

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