Quest:Chapter 2: The Missing Rider

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Chapter 2: The Missing Rider
Level 38
Type Fellowship
Starts with Elladan
Starts at Thorenhad
Start Region Trollshaws
Map Ref [31.7S, 15.2W]
Quest Group Vol. I. Book 4
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

'Shortly after Frodo Baggins and his company came to Rivendell, my father sent us to search for signs of the Nazgûl, the Nine Riders of the Enemy. We found the bodies of eight horses downstream, but of the last there was no sign. We searched further, but still found nothing.

'We travelled far afield, into lands to the south, and still found no sign of the fleeing Rider. Only on our return journey did we find something: hoofprints in the South Trollshaws, far south of the road. There are many narrow valleys in that region -- the Nazgûl might lie there, sheltered from prying eyes, waiting for his time to strike.

'Journey far south of the road in the South Trollshaws, <name>, and seek out the missing Rider. The ruins within those narrow channels have a fell reputation. Minas Agor that place was called of old, and the Nazgûl may have sought it out for that reason.'

NOTE: This quest is meant to completed while grouped, but can be attempted solo. The stone you receive upon bestowal can be used for a short term buff that will enable you to benefit from the inspiration buff while in a fellowship smaller than five.


Elladan and Elrohir have had an unfruitful search for the missing Rider, but the brothers have finally uncovered some traces of his passing.

Objective 1

  • Find some sign of the missing Nazgûl
  • If you find yourself without a full fellowship you may draw upon inspiration

The hoofprints were discovered far south of the road, and the sons of Elrond believe that the missing Rider might be hiding in the ruins of Minas Agor, located within the narrow channels of the South Trollshaws.

Elladan has asked you to follow the Nazgûl into the South Trollshaws.

Elladan: 'We discovered hoofprints leading into the narrow valleys far south of the road through the South Trollshaws. The ruins of Minas Agor are located within those channels and have a fell name. The missing Rider may be sheltering within those crumbling walls.'
Elrohir: 'Great tragedy befell the dwellers of Minas Agor long ago, and the place has never recovered from the memory of what happened there. If it is now a refuge for the missing Nazgûl, it appears its fate has not much changed.
'You will find the ruins south of the Great East Road that runs through the South Trollshaws, amidst the narrow valleys of that place.'
Flies buzz about the corpse of a black horse

Objective 2

  • Remove bridle from the black horse's corpse
  • If you find yourself without a full fellowship you may draw upon inspiration

The corpse of a black horse lies in the ruins of Minas Agor, located among the narrow channels of the South Trollshaws.

You should remove the bridle from the horse's corpse and return with it to Elladan.

Objective 3

  • Bring bridle of the black steed to Elladan

Elladan is at Thorenhad, located among the Bruinen Gorges, north of a bear-den.

Elladan will be both pleased and troubled to see the bridle of the black horse, for it means that the missing Rider is still somewhere within the Trollshaws.

Elrohir: 'You must tell Elladan these grim tidings at once. I confess that a shadow has fallen over my heart, for these lands that I love are endangered by the very presence of the Nazgûl. Would that he had been caught within the Bruinen with the rest of his fell brethren!'
Elladan: 'Your tale begins to fill in this puzzle for me, <name>, and I think I now see what has happened.
'Caught between the remainder of Frodo's company and the raging Bruinen, the Nine were forced into the torrent -- but one escaped in the chaos. Near death, his steed bore him through hidden channels into some place where, nearly formless, he gathered his strength.
'His horse he abandoned, and he vanished into the wild. Without his cloak he would be all but invisible to us -- a malice on the wind. If he takes it onto himself again, it is only to give shape to his strength. It means he has survived the ordeal unharmed and will surely strike at us again. We are running out of time, <name>.'