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This page is used by all Minstrel Trainer NPCs.

See Class Trainer for more information.

Name Settlement Region
Tolman Gardner Archet Bree-land
Burt Ninetails The Prancing Pony, Bree Bree-land
Minstrel Trainer Training Hall, Bree Bree-land
Marjorie Wainwright Combe Bree-land
Minstrel Trainer Galtrev Dunland
Balchelos Harndirion Enedwaith
Melthindir Celondim Ered Luin
Dourhand (Introduction) Frerin's Court Ered Luin
Galfi Gondamon Ered Luin
Thalchyl (Introduction) Thorin's Gate Ered Luin
Reykur Hall of Kings, Thorin's Hall Ered Luin
Ganneldúr Echad Mirobel Eregion
Nírthathar Tinnudir Evendim
Burgthryth Jänis-leiri Forochel
Ulla Sûri-kylä Forochel
Tondalas Caras Galadhon Lothlórien
Tathoron Ost Galadh Mirkwood
Hróthi The Twenty-first Hall Moria
Brecon Ox-clan Merchant Camp Nan Curunír
Gelirwen Esteldín Central Courtyard The North Downs
Ardo Aleford Michel Delving The Shire
Bailinn The Last Homely House The Trollshaws
Trainer Harwick Barracks The Wold
Trainer Forlaw Training Hall Wildermore
Trainer Snowbourn Sutcrofts, East Rohan
Trainer Aldburg Eastfold, West Rohan
Trainer Dol Amroth Havens of Belfalas, Western Gondor
Trainer Arnach Lossarnach, Eastern Gondor
Trainer Minas Tirith Old Anórien, Gondor
As of update 21.3 there are no Class Trainers beyond Minas Tirith in Gondor

Quest Involvement


Item Cost
Book 1 (incomparable)-icon.png Melodies of the Valar 189 Silver 60 Copper 
Book 1 (incomparable)-icon.png The Rising Chord 189 Silver 60 Copper 
Book 1 (incomparable)-icon.png Valour's Marches 189 Silver 60 Copper 
Blank Mentor Manual-icon.png Blank Mentor Manual 500 Silver 
Deed Tomes
Deed Tome-icon.png Class Deed Tome - Minstrel 2 Silver 
Deed Tome-icon.png Deed Tome - Gondor Quests 2 Silver 
Deed Tome-icon.png Deed Tome - Rohan Quests 2 Silver 
Cook Recipes
Apprentice Cook Recipe-icon.png Lute Strings of Minor Subtlety Recipe 2 Silver 52 Copper 
Apprentice Cook Recipe-icon.png Lute Strings of Subtlety Recipe 2 Silver 52 Copper 
Journeyman Cook Recipe-icon.png Lute Strings of Greater Subtlety Recipe 5 Silver 
Instruments & Strings
Lute Strings (uncommon)-icon.png Lute Strings of Minor Subtlety 2 Silver 
Minstrel Lute-icon.png Simple Lute 6 Silver 
Scholar Recipes
Journeyman Scholar Recipe-icon.png Journeyman Sheet Music Recipe 5 Silver 
Expert Scholar Recipe-icon.png Expert Sheet Music Recipe 10 Silver 
Artisan Scholar Recipe-icon.png Artisan Sheet Music Recipe 15 Silver 
Master Scholar Recipe-icon.png Master Sheet Music Recipe 20 Silver