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Transclusion NPCs are special-purpose pages which contain information shared by several NPCs and is meant for display by transclusion onto other pages. Generally these pages contain a table of items, a list of something, informative text, etc., which is shared between several NPCs throughout Middle-earth.

The "transclusion NPC" pages may also contain information that is not meant for transclusion, such as a short explanation of the NPCs that transclude from them, a table of these NPCs and their locations, etc. That section is surrounded by <noinclude>...</noinclude> tags, or the section that indeed should be transcluded is surrounded by <onlyinclude>...</onlyinclude>.

Tips for editing "Transclusion NPC" pages:

Always remember, it is the editor of the utilizing page that decides over layout and formatting. Period. Since these pages are transcluded you cannot know how the outcome will look like at all of the utilizing pages:

  • Never let neither leading nor trailing line-breaks to be transcluded. This allows for other text, tables and lists to be seamlessly stacked on top of each other, allowing for local specialities, etc.
  • Header lines should never be transcluded - 1)
    The only exceptions is when it is known that only a few NPCs will transclude and that circumstances will never change. However, our experience is that those assumptions are broken sooner than expected; individual quests or local specialities are added which breaks such headers, etc.
  • Header lines should never be transcluded - 2)
    Not seldom the target pages are using other header-levels than the transcluded headers, which will not work. Do not try to be overly helpful.

Probably there are more tips, add these when you come across them. The tips above are from experience and from the struggles to fix those shortcomings -- but as always, we learn as we go ;-)

Note: Due to reaching transclusion limits some of thes pages are linked rather than transcluded. Example: Word of Power Traceries

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