Quest:A Song for the Company

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A Song for the Company
Level 15
Type Solo
Starts with Any Minstrel Trainer
Ends with Piper Prescott
Ends at The Prancing Pony
End Region Bree
Map Ref [29.6S, 51.2W]
Quest Group Minstrel
Class Minstrel
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

'Your confidence and memory improve, <name>, and both are of great importance for a minstrel such as you. The more tales and songs you can remember and the greater the skill with which you relate them, the brighter will be your fate and that of your companions.

'There is an inn, a merry old inn, located in the town of Bree, far to the west in the Bree-land. The Prancing Pony, it is called, and its common room is often the haunt of minstrels and entertainers. The well-known minstrel Piper Prescott is often there of a time and is sure to have some advice for you.

'Look for Piper Prescott within the common room of the Prancing Pony, and you are sure to learn things of value.'


Dangerous lands and terrible monsters make for grand tales, but an experienced minstrel knows that a room full of skeptical listeners can be the most frightening chamber of all.

Objective 1

Piper Prescott, a renowned minstrel, is often within the common room of The Prancing Pony, in the town of Bree.

You have been told to seek the teaching of Piper Prescott, an adventuring minstrel of great ability.

Burt Ninetails: 'Look for Piper Prescott, a minstrel of great renown, here within the common room of The Prancing Pony.'
Piper Prescott: 'Welcome to the Pony, <name>. If you come with your tales at the ready, you will find a hearty welcome from the people here. They love a good song, especially if it is full of jest and cheer! I have heard a whisper or two that might make for a fine song, worthy of the room, and the singing of it could prove of use to you. So it shall be! You will run a small errand for me, you will write a song about the experience, and you will perform it for all of the Pony! I will judge your performance and deem whether or not it should be rewarded.
'The Little Folk of Bree are good, solid hobbits, but occasionally one of them gets into trouble. Such an occasion might be brewing, <name>, for I have heard that Leland Underhill has gone looking for the hideout of the brigands that stole something precious of his! Find Leland, help him recover his stolen goods from the villains, and return to me with your tale of the experience! We will then see what the reaction of these good people will be to your account.
'Young Mr. Underhill can't have gotten very far yet -- look for him at the west gate of Bree-town!'

Objective 2

Leland Underhill is probably at the West Gate of the town of Bree, about to set out for the hideout of some brigands.

Piper Prescott, a renowned minstrel, has asked you to help Leland Underhill and compose a song about your experience to sing in the common room of The Prancing Pony.

Piper Prescott: 'Look for Leland Underhill at the West Gate of Bree-town -- he can't have gotten much further that that!'
Leland Underhill: 'You're a minstrel? That's wonderful! I'm about to undertake a little adventure, if you want to know the truth. Some no-good brigands stole something of mine, and I'm going to go into their hideout to get it back!
'If you don't mind, I could use your help. If you want to write a song about our journey, so much the better! Let me know when you're ready, and we can teach those villains a lesson! I know what cave they're hiding in!'
Complete Instance: A Song for the Company

Objective 3

  • Talk to Piper Prescott

Piper Prescott is in the common room of The Prancing Pony, in the town of Bree.

Now that you have helped Leland Underhill, Piper Prescott will want to hear the tale.

Leland Underhill: 'You go talk to your minstrel friend in the common room of the Pony. I'm sure he'd like to hear the song you come up with! Thanks again for your help!'
Piper Prescott: 'The brigands stole Leland Underhill's lunch? Oh, that's too much! How very like a hobbit, getting all worked up about his meal!
'I have written down the tale exactly as you told it to me, <name>. Here you go -- don't mind the smudges, they're your words, so you should be able to make them out well enough!
'Now jump on one of the three tables in this corner of the pony and sing the song! Let's see what your audience thinks of "The Tale of Leland's Lunch!"'
Collected The Tale of Leland's Lunch

Objective 4

  • Jump onto a table near Piper Prescott and sing the Tale of Leland's Lunch

The tables near Piper Prescott would be ideal places to sing your song.

Piper Prescott has told you to jump onto one of the tables near him and to sing your song for the company.

Objective 5

The people gathered in The Prancing Pony wait to give judgement on your performance of the "Tale of Leland's Lunch".'

You have sung your tale and await judgement.

The audience reaction is overwhelmingly positive
Townsperson says, "I must learn that song! What a great fit for parties!"
Townsperson says, "You can always count on the Pony for great entertainment!"
Townsperson says, "Ha ha ha! A great tale!"
Townsperson says, "A delightful tale!"
Townsperson says, "Ha ha ha! A great tale!"

Objective 6

  • Talk to Piper Prescott

Piper Prescott is in the common room of The Prancing Pony.

Piper Prescott is waiting to give his judgement on the performance of your song.

Piper Prescott: 'Well done, <name>, well done! It is obvious that your song has been well-received by the company, and I daresay you have learned a valuable lesson: though you are a minstrel, you cannot merely observe the actions of others. You are an active participant, <name>.
'The bravery of Leland Underhill may be remembered by this company, but you and I will not forget that you too faced the brigands with him, and their blows were directed not only at the subject of the minstrel's song, but at its minstrel as well!
'You're going to need to wear some better armour if you are going to be in the thick of things from now on, <name>. You had better get used to it.'