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Type: Fortress Ruins
Region: North Downs
Area: Meluinen
Location: [15.2S, 43.2W]


Merenost is a landmark within Meluinen, in North Downs. [15.2S, 43.2W]

In the southern reaches of Meluinen, at the shore of lake Nen Harn, this once was a thriving town known as Ost Ardúlin. Possibly commerce with Bree-folk and even the Lone-lands took place here using boats; and yet today it is possible to travel by the eastern shore of Nen Harn to reach Far Chetwood and the Weather Hills beyond. Here is one of the Founding Stones of Arthedain's Five Towns located. Currently, it is occupied by a group of Ongbúrz who are corrupting and twisting the glade of Meluinen.


The Founding Stone of Ost Ardúlin

The following deeds can be obtained by visiting this location:




The following creatures are found within this area:


Merenost was once a small, walled town of the North-realm of Arnor long before the marshes of Meluinen swallowed the land. — Deed text
that we might retreat from our cares, and take solace in such beauty — Quest text
Following the fall of Dol Nendir, the town of Merenost was defenceless against the Witch King. The town was sacked fairly quickly before reinforcements from Nan Wethren could arrive.


Another angle of the flooded ruins of Merenost The small orc encampment inside the ruins