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Areas-icon.png Kingsfell
Region: The North Downs
Landmark(s): Gatson's Farm
Gatson's South Fields
Ost Lagoros
The Snares
William Peake's Farm
Nan Amlug West
Taur Gonwaith
Levels: Mainly 27 - 29
Resource tier: Expert

Kingsfell is an area within The North Downs in the central region.

At the heart of North Downs, Kingsfell is mainly rolling plains of fertile soil and hillocks. Several roads run through this area: the Kingsfell road that runs from Greenway in the west into Esteldín that is hidden in a large rift in the Kingsfell mountains which also constitutes the eastern border; and the road from the northern Nan Amlug West to Meluinen in the south. The mountain ridges in north-west borders to Annúndir and in the south-western corner a set of large orc camps connect to Nan Wathren, though not by any passable trail.

Scattered throughout the area are old ruins as well as farmsteads that have been all been abandoned, except Gatson's Farm whose owner refuses to leave his farmstead for the grim orcs. The Rangers of Esteldín have advised the residents to find shelter at the outposts yet controlled by their members. Large herds of Aurochs can be found across Kingsfell as well as a large density of spiders in the east. Orcs are, however, prowling almost everywhere along with their encampment to the southwest. Mr. Gatson and his farmhands gratefully ask visitors for assistance, most other quests are given in Esteldín and other locations.


Gatson's Farm

These landmarks are located within Kingsfell:


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Aurochs.png Aurochs Yearling



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Ost Lagoros
The Snares
William Peake's Farm

The following creatures are found within this area:


Map of The North Downs Topographic map of The North Downs


One of several abandoned farmsteads in Kingsfell The bridge over the river towards Kingsfell A bear den on the border of Nan Amlug West A small pond up in northern Kingsfell A dreary day over the fields of Kingsfell Small ruins atop a hill in central Kingsfell Southern Kingsfell near the spider infested Snares