Esteldín Library December 8th

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Esteldín Library
Region: The North Downs
Settlement: Esteldín
Location: [9.6S, 41.1W]
Esteldín Library December 8th.jpg

Esteldín Library is found in Esteldín. [9.6S, 41.1W]

The library functions both as a Esteldín's library of sorts and also as a planning room. Each side of the library is filled with books and tomes. It has a long table with several chairs that is set up as a planning board when the need arises.


Esteldín Library Exterior
The ruins hold a special place in the hearts of the Rangers in these dark times, for as the power of Angmar again builds in the north, the Rangers remember all too well the destruction caused by the Witch-king in his war against the mighty North Kingdom so many years ago. From this secluded location, it is said that the Rangers coordinate their efforts and amass the findings of their research and travels in order to enact their plans against the evil that again rises in the North. Of particular note is the Library of Arnor, a central depository of all preserved lore of the Dúnedain of the North.
The location of Esteldín is created from inferences found within the text of The Lord of the Rings, clues that lead to a dwelling place of the Dúnedain of the North, where Aragorn's mother went to spend her final days among her own people. — [1]


Dori.png Dori
ElfM.png Gildor Inglorion
Ranger.png Halbarad
HumanF.png Nellie Boskins




Podium like structure for holding meetings The Council of the North discussing their plan of action Left to Right: Halbarad, Gildor, Nellie, Dori Dusty bookshelves containing ancient knowledge

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