Eaves of Fangorn

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Areas-icon.png Eaves of Fangorn
Region: East Rohan
Landmark(s): Black Heart
Defiled Pool
Treebeard's Hill
White Hand Encampment
Entwash Vale
Levels: Mainly 85
Resource tier: Eastemnet - T8
Eaves of Fangorn.jpg

The Eaves of Fangorn is an area within East Rohan. It is a remnant of the once great Fangorn Forest.


Eaves of Fangorn-1.jpg
Eaves of Fangorn-2.jpg
Pool near from Ent Ashlimb
View to Eaves of Fangorn from Silkenhold

These landmarks are located within Eaves of Fangorn:


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The following deeds can be advanced by visiting this location:


  1. [82] Into Fangorn
  2. [82] Strange Passers-by
  3. [82] Tracking Some Hobbits
  4. [82] Scattered Friends
  5. [82] Curiosity Dawns
  6. [82] Lost in Fangorn
  7. [82] Strangled Rest
  8. [82] An Empty Stomach
  9. [82] A Plea to Wake
  10. [82] Near Death
  11. [82] The Pain of Regret
  12. [82] Biting and Burning
  13. [82] A Friend in Fangorn
  14. [82] Kindly Advice
  15. [82] Onwards Into Fangorn
  16. [82] Roots in the Web
  17. [83] Where Light Cannot Shine
  18. [83] Rotting at the Edges
  19. [83] Black-hearted Trees - Landscape
  20. [83] What Grows Within - Landscape
  21. [83] Letting the Light In - Landscape
  22. [83] Missing Friend
  23. [83] Birdwatching
  24. [83] The Source of the Mist
  25. [83] Awake at Long Last
  26. [83] Silent Harvest - Vector to Garsfeld in the Sutcrofts


The following creatures are found within this area:


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