Quest:A Friend in Fangorn

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A Friend in Fangorn
Level 82
Type Solo
Starts with Huorn
Starts at Eaves of Fangorn
Start Region Eaves of Fangorn
Map Ref [39.4S, 70.3W]
Ends with Old Man
Ends at Eaves of Fangorn
End Region Eaves of Fangorn
Map Ref [38.5S, 70.4W]
Quest Group Eaves of Fangorn
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

This Huorn bristles with eagerness as you approach. You did not notice it at first, but it has been watching as you stamped out Orc-fires and slew the Orcs who began the burning of the forest.

He wishes to join you as you continue punishing the Orcs.


The Huorn from Wisewood's grove has seen your heroic efforts and is determined to help you as you continue.

Objective 1

  • See what the Huorn wants
  • Use the whistle to summon your new friend if you become separated

The Huorn is near the Orc-camp on the north-east edge of Fangorn's eaves.

Huorn: The Huorn wishes to follow you. You should call it to your side now.
The Huorn has asked to follow you

Objective 2

This admiring Huorn wishes to help you deal with the dense population of Orcs in the White Hand encampment.

You should complete a number of tasks in the encampment, using the whistle to call your tree-friend for help if you become separated.

Objective 3

  • Talk to the Huorn to dismiss him

The Huorn follows you as you venture throughout the White Hand encampment. You can use your whistle to summon it if you become separated.

You should speak with the Huorn.

Huorn: The Huorn is pleased to have assisted you in your revenge upon the vicious Orcs who invade Fangorn.
You release the Huorn, and it is a happier tree than it was before your chance encounter.

Objective 4

  • Talk to the old man who has been watching you

A strange old man in rags hails you from north of the White Hand encampment.

You should speak with this stranger....

Old Man: 'Well met, <name>. It is always good to see a friendly face in the wild places of the world.'