Quest:Instance: Awake at Long Last

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Instance: Awake at Long Last
Level 83
Type Solo
Starts with Oldheart
Starts at Eaves of Fangorn
Start Region Eaves of Fangorn
Map Ref [38.5S, 76.1W]
Quest Group Eaves of Fangorn
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

"You have finally had some measure of success, for Oldheart seems quite awake for the first time in an age...but you are filled with trepidation, for some great power has woken with him. You feel it in your very bones."


You have found Oldheart's little bird-friend...dead, suffocated by the pollutants of the Orcs and Uruks crossing Fangorn from Isengard to Rohan.

Objective 1

  • Tell Oldheart of the little bird's fate

Oldheart stands at the edge of his meadow in Fangorn.

You should speak with Oldheart.

Oldheart: You are tempted to lie to Oldheart to spare the Ent his feelings, but it will not do. Those keen eyes will see through it at once.
You gently relay your tale to Oldheart, of the Orcs of Saruman, the sullied water, and the little victim -- a bird that did nothing but pass unwitting through the cloud of death that creeps upon all the lands of Middle-earth.

Objective 2

  • Follow Oldheart and defend yourself from enemies (0/4)

You should follow Oldheart.

Oldheart says, Dead....
Oldheart says, All creatures die. But this, I must see.
Oldheart says, Come, small one.
Oldheart says, Rrr....burárum! Orcs approach, small one.

Objective 3

  • Follow Oldheart

You should follow Oldheart.

Oldheart says, Wretched creatures, hrum!
Oldheart says, Filthy, reeking Orcs, polluting my pond. Madness!
Oldheart says, Where is my little friend? I must see.
Oldheart stops at the edge of the polluted pond

Objective 4

  • Talk to Oldheart

You should talk to Oldheart.

Oldheart: The Ent rumbles softly as he searches for a voice that has not oft been used for many years.
'Hrum. Where is my little friend? Please bring him to me.'
Oldheart speaks, his voice slow from disuse, but the tone of sadness is unmistakeable

Objective 5

The dead bird can be found in the middle of the murky, foul pond.

You have picked up Oldheart's fallen friend

Objective 6

  • Bring the bird to Oldheart

Oldheart is at the pond's edge in Fangorn.

Oldheart: The Ent stares down at the bird's lifeless body. A strange expression plays across his eyes.
'I see....'

Objective 7

  • Follow Oldheart

Oldheart is in Fangorn.

Oldheart says, ....
Oldheart says, Rrrrarrum!
Oldheart stops at the edge of the pond and turns around expectantly

Objective 8

  • Speak with Oldheart for the other Ents approach

The Ents are awake....

Oldheart: 'They are coming. There will be revenge. There will be justice. Orcs will pollute the Eaves of Fangorn no more.'
The Ent's eyes now burn with a fire that fills you with fear...fear, admiration, and awe. It is good to be a friend of the Ents, and not an enemy.
You awakened the Ents of Fangorn's eaves
Oldheart: 'You have done enough, little <class>. The Ents will take over from here. We cannot slumber while our forest is corrupted by the filth of Saruman....'