Quest:Near Death

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Near Death
Level 82
Type Solo
Starts with Léofmar
Starts at Eaves of Fangorn
Start Region Eaves of Fangorn
Map Ref [39.6S, 72.4W]
Ends with Baillas
Ends at Eaves of Fangorn
End Region Eaves of Fangorn
Map Ref [39.6S, 72.4W]
Quest Group Eaves of Fangorn
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

Léofmar says no more. The poisonous berries seem to be taking their toll on the poor man.

You have tried everything you can think of, but there is naught to do but stay with this poor man while he dies...

...but your train of thought is interrupted by a sudden noise behind you.


You have tried everything in your power to help Léofmar, but it took the Ent Baillas's slow awakening to save the dying man.

Objective 1

  • Talk to Baillas

Baillas has come to Léofmar's side after all. The Ent stands before the Rohirrim in the centre of Fangorn's eaves.

You should speak with Baillas.

Léofmar: Léofmar says no more. The poisonous berries begin to take their toll.
Baillas: It is Baillas! The Ent has roused himself and is here at the dying man's side after all. And just in time, for in the long, twig-like fingers of his hand is a small sprig of fresh picked kingsfoil.
This herb will save Léofmar's life. You cannot help but marvel at the Ent's kindly curiosity towards the once-doomed Rohirrim Man.
Baillas has wakened after all! He bears a gift of kingsfoil to give to the poisoned man

Objective 2

  • Give the kingsfoil to Léofmar to restore his health

Léofmar is near Baillas.

You should give the kingsfoil leaves to Léofmar to restore him to health.

Baillas: The kind Ent watches, waiting patiently for you to give the generous gift of kingsfoil to the sick man.
Léofmar: 'What is this herb? I feel better already, with just the gentle scent wafting from its leaves.
'What...what is that tree behind you? Is it a tree? It has eyes. Why does it regard me so?'

Objective 3

  • Thank Baillas for his kind deed

Baillas is standing near Léofmar in Fangorn.

Baillas: You give Baillas a heartfelt verbal thanks for this miraculous gesture of kindness that saved a man's life.
Baillas says nothing and appears to be more asleep than ever. You were so sure that you had done Gandalf's bidding and awakened an Ent, but Baillas does not seem to have found any further reason to be awake, now that he has saved the day....
Baillas sleeps again already