Quest:Awake at Long Last

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Awake at Long Last
Level 83
Type Solo
Starts with Oldheart
Starts at Eaves of Fangorn
Start Region Eaves of Fangorn
Map Ref [38.5S, 76.1W]
Ends with Léofmar
Ends at The Entwash Fishing Camp
End Region Entwash Vale
Map Ref [42.6S, 70.6W]
Quest Group Eaves of Fangorn
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

Oldheart's eyes are hopeful as you return from your search for his tiny friend.

It will not be easy to break this news to him.


You have brought Oldheart the terrible news of his friend, a small bird who died from the pollution of Isengard's Orcs in Fangorn.

Objective 1

  • Tell Oldheart what you found

You should tell Oldheart of what you found.

Oldheart: It is time to tell Oldheart of what you found out about the fate of his bird-friend.
Complete the Instance: Awake at Long Last quest.

Objective 2

  • Search for Léofmar outside of Fangorn

Entwash River, where Fangorn meets the Entwash Vale.

You should leave Fangorn and make for more inhabited lands, and start by finding your friend Léofmar at the fishing encampment.

Léofmar: '<name>! I was beginning to think I had imagined that I met you! How good it is to see you again.
'I will have you know that I am feeling much better, and I have found my courage after all! I slew many Orcs as I made my way out of Fangorn to repay the kindness of that...creature...or was it a vision? It all felt like a dream.
'But I am braver now, and I have lent my bow to these fine men as well. Someday I will return to Garsfeld and restore my honour there.'