Durin's Way

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Areas-icon.png Durin's Way
Region: Moria
Landmark(s): Bat-cave
Durin's Crossing
Ninknakh Faltor
Salab Nurjundul
Tharâkh Bazân
The Door to the Clouds
The Glass-hall
The Hall of the High Stair
The Mustering Hall
The Peaceful Path
The Twenty-first Hall: West Arch
Settlement(s): Chamber of the Crossroads
The Door to the Clouds
The Tharâkh Bazân camp
The Fanged Pit camp
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Durin's Way is an area in the north-west of Moria.

This area lies above the Great Delving, Zelem-melek, and the Twenty-first Hall, and west of Nud-melek, and the Bridge of Khazad-dûm.

Two major Dwarf encampments have been established here: the Jazârgund (also known as the Stone Hall) and the Chamber of the Crossroads (also known as Three-Forked Camp). Dwarf contingents here organize strikes against the Uruks and Morroval forces, repair ancient structures, and uncover their ancestors’ secrets—all in their quest to reclaim Moria from the servants of the Dark Lord Sauron. [1]


This proud level of Moria is named for the eldest of the Seven Fathers of the Dwarves — Durin of the Longbeard Clan — and the sixth king to bear his name, the second-last to rule in Khazad-dûm. It is the northernmost territory inside Moria.
During the reign of Durin VI in the Third Age, the Dwarves delved too deep in search of mithril and awoke the Balrog. This led to their expulsion from Khazad-dûm and the subsequent infiltration of Orcs, Trolls, and other dark creatures.
Along the southern region of Durin's Way stretches the path the Fellowship of the Ring took from the three-way junction to the Chamber of Mazarbul, and on to the Second Hall. Durin's Way harbors Orcs directed by the brutal White Hand Uruks of Saruman. In addition, there are conscripted Goblins and their vicious warg mounts and the Merrevail, an ancient evil race not seen in many centuries.
Remember Moria is vertical from one area to the next as you go more south on the in-game map, as evidenced by The Endless Stair, which you can see in several zones as you travel deeper into Moria.


The following settlements are found within this region:


These landmarks are located within Durin's Way:


The following deeds can be contributed to in this area:


The following quests start in, or involve this area.

  1. [52] Líkmund's Companions
  2. [52] Plenty to Go Around
  3. [53] Emissaries of the White Hand

Examine the Ornate Chest-piece on the ground east of Dolven-view to start this series:

  1. [53] Unexpected Treasure
  2. [53] Heralds of Corruption
  3. [53] Scraps of Shadow
  4. [54] To Jazârgund

Epic Quests

Previous: Volume II, Book 1

Volume II, Book 2: Echoes in the Dark

  1. [53] Foreword: Echoes in the Dark - Optional
  2. [53] Chapter 1: New Residents
  3. [53] Chapter 2: Store-houses of the Western Halls
  4. [53] Chapter 3: Zigilburk the Unrivaled
  5. [53] Chapter 4: Enemies in the Ever Dark
  6. [53] Chapter 5: Half a Riddle
  7. [54] Chapter 6: Goblins in the Western Halls
  8. [54] Chapter 7: The Empty Passage - Solo Only
  9. [54] Chapter 8: The Twenty-first Hall

Next: Volume II, Book 3

The Water-wheels

The Hall of Mirrors

===== Starting =====

===== Starting =====

No quests are starting within The Fanged Pit, unbound to any landmark

The following quests are starting at the specified locations:

The Fanged Pit camp



The following creatures are found within this area:

Named Creatures Flake Collectors List

Each of these creatures is the rare, signature, tougher, named version and all have a high change to drop a rare flake used in crafting.


There are also step by step directions for traveling to the Chamber of the Crossroads from the Dolven-View and from the 21st Hall.

Durin's Way

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Map of Moria

Settlements, Areas and Landmarks of Durin's Way
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