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Region: Moria
Area: Durin's Way
Location: [4.1S, 104.6W]


Fehem-dûm is located in the Durin's Way. [4.1S, 104.6W]

Quest Involvement

Related quests that start or are found in this area include:

  • None

Related quests that involve this area:


The following creatures are found within these borders:

Category Fehem-dûm Creatures not found


Fehem-dûm was once inhabited by a dwarvish family renowned for its scholars and mastery of the lore of stone and mining. Alas, most of this lore was irretrievably lost along with the bloodline of that family when Khazad-dûm fell into darkness, and the halls of their ancient manse have long since been stripped bare by the ravages of Orcs.