Mazog (NPC)

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This page is about Mazog as NPC. For Mazog in Session Play, see Mazog. For Mazog in a Skirmish, see Mazog (Skirmish)
Image of Mazog
Role Combat
Gender Male
Race Orc-kind
Level 60
Difficulty Nemesis
Morale 7,920
Power 398


Mazog first encountered as an NPC is found at the Throne of Durin in the quest instance [60] Vol. 2, Book 7 -- Instance: The Secret Road. He also appears in the quest instance [60] Vol. 2, Book 8 -- Instance: Escape from Rushdurinul Solo only and throughout Vol. 2, Book 9.

Originally posted by MadeOfLions:
Mazog is the son of Bolg -- my guess is that if there are quests that refer to him as the 'son of Azog,' it's intended in the symbolic sense. Mazog is properly the grandson of Azog.


Instance: The Secret Road

  • Aura: Combat Tactics This Aura increases the Ranged and Tactical defence of nearby Orcs as well as increasing their Melee damage.

Quest Involvement

Vol. 2, Book 5:

Vol. 2, Book 7:

Vol. 2, Book 8:

Vol. 2, Book 9: