Ninknakh Faltor

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Ninknakh Faltor
Region: Moria
Area: Durin's Way
Location: [3.6S, 109.2W]


Ninknakh Faltor is a location in Durin's Way.

Whatever its original purpose was, a large host of goblins has made its residence in the hall of Ninknakh Faltor. Their dark shrines and crude constructions litter the area, and their sheer numbers pose a serious threat to any hopes of retaking Durin's Way.
The haunt of the White Hand in Durin`s Way lies just north of the Chamber of the Crossroads, in a region known to the Dwarves as Ninknakh Faltor. The White Hand came to Moria to recruit Mazog's armies to serve Saruman. The leader of the White Hand in Moria has had several meetings with Mazog’s envoys, but so far has been unable to gain their loyalty. He has also sent word to Saruman that he believes Mazog and his armies might be Mordor Orcs. When you encounter the White Hand in the chambers and thoroughfares of Durin's Way, they are most often accompanied by conscripted Goblins, deep bats, and warg-riders. [1]


Ninknakh Faltor is located in Durin's Way. [3.6S, 112.9W]

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