The Fanged Pit

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Fanged Pit
Region: Durin's Way
Settlement(s): The Fanged Pit camp
Durin's Way
Levels: Mainly 53
Resource tier: Supreme

The Fanged Pit is an area within Durin's Way, which is an area in Moria.

The Fanged Pit is the eastern area of Durin's Way, north-east of the Twenty-first Hall and directly east of Jazârgund. Most visitors enter from Jazârgund in the west, but there is also an entrance in the southeast leading to Nud-melek.

This location is the epicenter of merrevail in Moria; it shows on the map as a huge square with merrevail nests.


The following settlement is found within this area:


These landmarks are located within The Fanged Pit:


See "list of NPCs" within The Fanged Pit


See "starting quests" and the landmarks for more quests

No quests are starting within The Fanged Pit, unbound to any location

Quests starting at specified locations:

The Fanged Pit camp



The following creatures are found within this area:


Map of Durin's Way Map of Moria
Detailed Map of The Fanged Pit Path Radar of The Fanged Pit Path Map of The Fanged Pit


The Fanged Pit is the area in Moria beneath Lumul-nar, the Hall of Mirrors. While in Lumul-nar, you can see The Fanged Pit from above as you stand on the scaffolding around the big lens (or on the big lens) where the final boss, Ergoth, is fought.
Remember Moria is vertical from one area to the next as you go more south on the in-game map, as evidenced by The Endless Stair, which you can see in several zones as you travel deeper into Moria.