Woodworker Mastery

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How to Reach Mastery in Each Tier* (Proficiency XP/Mastery XP)

Note*: The figures given are calculated on the assumption that critical success will never occur. Actual figures may in fact be lower than those that are given. Furthermore, the recipes listed in order to attain mastery are merely suggestions. These suggestions are chosen due to the fact that they yield the largest amount of craft XP for the amount of resources required. If so desired, other recipes may be used. However, it should be noted that doing so may require a larger number of materials in order to attain the same goal. The aim of processing is simply to use resources as efficiently as possible.

Apprentice (200/400)

Journeyman (280/560)

Expert (360/720)

Artisan (440/880)

Master (520/1040)

Supreme (600/1200)

Westfold (680/1360)

Eastemnet (760/1520)

Westemnet (840/1680)

Anórien (920/1840)