The Tower of Orthanc

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The Tower of Orthanc
Level: 75
Size: 12-person Raid
Cluster: Rise of Isengard
Region: Dunland
Area: Nan Curunír
Location: [79.9S, 0.4E]

"Welcome to the ring of Isengard, heroes. I have watched your progress with great interest. Prove yourselves worthy and I shall share with you the secrets of Middle-earth..."


The Tower of Orthanc is a level 75 12-man raid in Nan Curunír. Players must have completed the deed Discovery: Instances of Isengard by visiting the Ox-clan Merchant Camp in northeast Nan Curunír [79.9S, 0.4E] to enter. Make sure you attempt to enter the door that says, "Orthanc Base" on the upper level which will then call up the skirmish menu showing the new raid on the list.


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After completing all of the deeds Tower of Orthanc: Ring of ... -- Tier 1 (as well as Saruman's Ring -- Tier 1), you can barter the raid armour sets for marks and medallions at the class trainers in the Ox-clan Merchant Camp.


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Instance Overview

The Tower of Orthanc raid is a fight to reclaim the 6 rings that Saruman has made for himself and his minions. As you enter the Tower proper you will stand near a horse in the middle of the courtyard. You must defeat the first four instances to gain access to the final Towertop fight. In that vein, there are 5 divisions of the raid:


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Level Name Difficulty Species Morale Tier 1 / Tier 2 Wing
78 Crisiant & Usgarren Arch-nemesis Giant-kind 2 × 605,029 / 665,532 Fire/Ice Wing
78 Kâlbak Arch-nemesis Troll-kind 1,452,070 / 1,597,277 Lightning Wing
78 Iorweth Arch-nemesis Man 1,452,070 / 1,597,277 Acid Wing
78 Bukot Arch-nemesis Orc-kind 1,533,333 / 1,686,667 Shadow Wing
78 Saruman
(Saruman the Fire-lord, Saruman the Frost-master, Saruman the Shadow-bringer, Saruman the Storm-maker and Saruman the Venom-keeper)
Arch-nemesis Ancient Evil 2,178,105 / ?
(5 × 318,078 / 349,886)


Crafting & Misc

Jewellery & Pocket

Armour & Shields