William Peake's Farm

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William Peake's Farm
Type: Farmstead
Region: The North Downs
Area: Kingsfell
Location: [10.3S, 46.9W]
William Peake's Farm.jpg


William Peake's Farm is a landmark within Kingsfell in The North Downs. [10.3S, 46.9W]

This burned cottage is found by the Kingsfell road, just north of a large orc camp. Its owner, William and Camilla Peake have sought refuge and help at Amon Raith but two brothers have until recently dwelled at the cottage. Now they are now found bewildered over the mysterious relic that some evil creature has put down there, spreading dread all around the place.


Mysterious Relic: Stone of War


HumanF.png Adelaide Bussey
HumanM.png Burt Farmer
HumanM.png Ted Farmer


Something strange has happened at this farmstead William Peake's abandoned fields