Tyl Ruinen

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Areas-icon.png Tyl Ruinen
Region: Evendim
Landmark(s): Tollobel
Lake Evendim
Levels: Mainly 33 - 38
Resource tier: Artisan
Tyl Ruinen.jpg

Tyl Ruinen is an area within Evendim in the western region.

The islands of Tyl Ruinen are located in the mid-western area of Lake Evendim. The name is Sindarin for "Red Isles" and maybe they sometimes are shimmering in red, unless the name denotes the large amount of red salamanders that are found throughout the island. Here are also found giant turtles, and many other creatures.

At the south-eastern promontory is found the Dock-Master for Tyl Ruinen, providing swift trips over the lake. Near Tollobel are found two persons investigating the fiery salamanders living at this island. On a small island south-west of mainland Tyl Ruinen, Dewitt the Explorer and his mighty steed, Floid, can be found. Most quests are about restoring the peace that Evendim enjoyed not long ago, before all evilness of the Enemy distorted creatures and humans of the region.


These landmarks are located within Tyl Ruinen:


Tyl Ruinen Dock-master

Ranger.png Andol - Dock-master

Destination Region Cost Prerequisites
Men Erain Evendim 25 Silver 
Tinnudir Evendim 25 Silver 
The Eavespires Evendim 25 Silver 

Healer.png Humfrey Rumming
Ranger.png Lúgethir

On an islet southwest of the main island [14.2S, 73.5W]
HumanM.png Dewitt the Explorer
Horse.png Floid, the Mighty Steed


The following deed can be obtained somewhere within this area:




The clutch of Nornagol on Tyl Ruinen

The following creatures are found within this area:


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Just a few of the many salamander nests View of Tyl Ruinen's northern shoreline A ruined wall on the isle Salamander nests on the shore View of the Tyl Ruinen's southern shoreline A strange statue with the ruins of the isle in the background