Quest:Walking on Water

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Walking on Water
Level 33
Type Solo
Starts with Lúgethir
Starts at Tyl Ruinen
Start Region Evendim
Map Ref [11.8S, 72.0W]
Quest Group Evendim
Quest Text

Bestowal Dialogue

'I might be seeing things -- I have been out here a long time and Humphrey is not exactly the sanest of company -- but I would swear I saw a young salamander riding along the back of a lake-skimmer as it danced over the water.

'If I did see this -- and this can actually happen -- it could be disastrous if somehow the salamanders were carried across to the western shore of the lake, where they could begin to multiply and spread without any natural bounds to stop them.

'Head to the beach and destroy any lake-skimmers you find. We cannot take a chance on this.'


The island of Tyl Ruinen has been taken over by salamanders and lake-skimmers.

Objective 1

Lake-skimmers can be found around the shore of Tyl Ruinen.

Lúgethir asked you to defeat lake-skimmers to prevent the salamanders from using them to get to shore.

Objective 2

Lúgethir is at Humphrey's camp on Tyl Ruinen.

Lúgethir will be pleased to hear that the lake-skimmers have been destroyed, though you fail to see how they could have carried any salamanders.

Lúgethir: 'I agree that it was probably all in my head and in no way possible, especially now that I think about the size of the lake-skimmer and the size of a salamander. But I thank you for entertaining me.'