Tham Úmdúr

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Tham Úmdúr
Type: Caves
Region: The North Downs
Area: Nan Amlug East
Location: [7.9S, 33.3W]
Tham Úmdúr (Exterior).jpg

Tham Úmdúr is a cave and private quest instance in Nan Amlug East in North Downs. [7.9S, 33.3W]

Map of Tham Úmdúr - Click for larger image

Between the Ogres camp of Fashat Laug and the hill-men in Ost Crithlanc, near the gate of the main road to Angmar, lies a cave. To that cave strong angmarim have fled, after the defeat of the False King.

This cave is only open to characters having the Epic quest pertaining to this cave.