Ost Lagoros

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Ost Lagoros
Type: Tower Ruins
Region: The North Downs
Area: Kingsfell
Location: [9.6S, 47.6W]
Ost Lagoros.jpg


Ost Lagoros is a landmark within Kingsfell in The North Downs. [9.6S, 47.6W]

This ruined watch-tower was known as Duintham which is located just north of the Kingsfell road and a bridge over the water stream that borders to Annúndir. Here the Now a Ranger named Orthonn is watching over the area and fuelling a Camp Site Fire.



The following deeds can be obtained by visiting this location:


The Founding Stone of Duintham




Ranger.png Orthonn



Ost Lagoros was a watch-tower which once held vigil over the eastern passage to the great city of Fornost Erain. — Deed text
'At this place did King Celebrindor establish the Town of Duintham, that his people might cultivate the land and feed the people of his realm.' — Quest


Orthonn's camp within Ost Lagoros The ruins of Ost Lagoros Annúndir to Kingsfell bridge with Ost Lagoros in the background

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