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Orthonn (Sindarin for High-born) is a young Dúnadan of the North who joins the Grey Company and travels to Gondor during the War of the Ring. He is skilled in the arts of cartography.

Orthonn (North Downs)

Image of Orthonn
Gender Male
Race Man
Region North Downs
Area Kingsfell
Settlement Ost Lagoros
Map Ref [9.4S, 47.3W]

Orthonn has been sent on a scouting mission by the Rangers of Esteldín and can be found at the ruins of Ost Lagoros, in North Downs.

Quest Involvement


"I look at what happened at the farmlands as a failing of my own. Amarion and I guard this road, but the Wargs moved between us, and we did not espy them until it was to late for the farmers."

Orthonn (Enedwaith)

Image of Orthonn
Role Lore-master Trainer
Gender Male
Race Man
Region Enedwaith
Area Thrór's Coomb
Settlement Harndirion
Map Ref [69.4S, 13.8W]

Having joined the Grey Company, Orthonn travels to Rivendell, and from there through Eregion into Enedwaith, where he acts as a trainer for Lore-masters in Harndirion.

Quest Involvement


Item Cost
 Minor Book of Beasts Silver
 Minor Book of the Dúnedain Silver
 Minor Book of Nature Silver
 Lore of the Blade 189 Silver60 Copper
 Of Leaf and Twig 189 Silver60 Copper
 The Book of Beasts 189 Silver60 Copper
Cook Recipes
 Bag of Crude Crumbs Recipe Silver
 Crude Honey and Oats Recipe Silver
 Bag of Crumbs Recipe 11 Silver
 Bowl of Water Recipe 10 Silver
 Honey and Oats Recipe 11 Silver
 Bag of Crunchy Crumbs Recipe 16 Silver52 Copper
 Bowl of Filtered Water Recipe 15 Silver
 Cut of Tender Meat Recipe 15 Silver
 Smooth Honey and Oats Recipe 16 Silver52 Copper
 Bag of Tasty Crumbs Recipe 22 Silver
 Bowl of Refreshing Water Recipe 22 Silver
 Cut of Tasty Meat Recipe 22 Silver
 Tasty Honey and Oats Recipe 22 Silver
 Bowl of Cool Water Recipe 25 Silver
Scholar Recipes
 Journeyman Parable Recipe Silver
 Minor Book of Beasts Recipe Silver
 Minor Book of Nature Recipe Silver
 Minor Book of the Dúnedain Recipe Silver
 Book of Beasts Recipe 11 Silver
 Book of Nature Recipe 11 Silver
 Book of the Dúnedain Recipe 11 Silver
 Expert Parable Recipe 11 Silver
 Major Book of Beasts Recipe 16 Silver52 Copper
 Major Book of Nature Recipe 16 Silver52 Copper
 Major Book of the Dúnedain Recipe 16 Silver52 Copper
Pet Food
 Pot of Crude Honey and Oats Silver56 Copper

Orthonn (Central Gondor)

Image of Orthonn
Gender Male
Race Man
Region Central Gondor
Area Lebennin
Settlement Pelargir
Map Ref [83.7S, 33.3W]

After a long journey through Dunland, the Gap of Rohan, West Rohan, the Paths of the Dead, Western Gondor and Central Gondor, Orthonn can be found at the central courtyard of Pelargir, getting ready to board the corsair ships bound for Minas Tirith.

Quest Involvement


"What a fine gift! I did not think you knew of my interest in cartography! It is a vanishing talent these days, I am afraid, but I have done my best to craft maps of the lands through which we have travelled. This will be a great help in improving the accuracy of my own efforts in this field! Not that they are in great need of improvement, but I believe there is always room for honing one's skills!"

Orthonn (The Wastes)

Image of Orthonn
Gender Male
Race Man
Region The Wastes
Area The Noman-lands
Settlement Camp of the Host
Map Ref [40.9S, 10.3W]

Orthonn is one of the Rangers who survives the Battle of Pelennor Fields and joins the Host of the West. He can be found by a campfire in the Camp of the Host, along with Amlan, Mincham, and Nethraw.