Nan Wathren

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Areas-icon.png Nan Wathren
Region: The North Downs
Landmark(s): Hîgropor
Nan Wathren Eastern Pass
Nan Wathren Western Pass
Levels: Mainly 24 - 25
Resource tier: Expert
Nan Wathren.jpg

Nan Wathren is an area within The North Downs in the southern region.

Nan Wathren once was a great fortress, long since fallen into ruins. [16.7S, 47.0W]

Now the name rather denotes the area which practically is an island, surrounded by water streams, the great chasm called Cirith Nûr to the south, and Nen Harn lake to the south-east. Two guarded pass connect to Greenway and to Meluinen respectively. Here orcs and goblins have set up large encampments from where they ravage the neighbourhood.

Because of the strong presence of orcs and goblins this area provides no services, except for a Camp Site Fire at Nan Wathren Western Pass.


These landmarks are located within Nan Wathren:




Nan Wathren Eastern Pass
Nan Wathren Western Pass

The following creatures are found within this area:


Nan Wathren Terrain Map

Terrain Map of Nan Wathren

The North Downs maps

Map of The North Downs Topographic map of The North Downs


Crude half-orcish ballistas in the stronghold One of many suspended bridges connecting camps in Nan Wathren One of the larger orc camps in Nan Wathren Various siege equipment guarded by the orcs & goblins Vile totems set up by the orcs A view of the more sparsely occupied portion of West Nan Wathren

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