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The Malledhrim (Sindarin for Golden Host) is a reputation faction located in Mirkwood. The Malledhrim are a group of elves from Lothlórien fighting against the encroaching evils of southern Mirkwood.

This is what a typical Malledhrim looks like

Acquaintance or no reputation required reputation reward vendors in Echad Sirion

Acquaintance reputation barterer in Ost Galadh

Acquaintance reputation reward vendors in the Haunted Inn

Friend reputation reward vendors in Mithechad

Friend Barterer in Thangúlhad

Kindred Barterer in Thangúlhad

Gaining Reputation

Reputation with the Malledhrim can be gained by doing quests for them. Unlike many other reputation factions of Middle Earth, there are no special items you can collect to barter for reputation. Almost every deed in Southern Mirkwood also gives reputation with the Malledhrim, as well.


Many quests in Mirkwood reward with a higher standing with the Malledhrim. Click [+] to expand a list of them.

Repeatable Quests

Daily, repeatable quests that give Malledhrim reputation.

In Ost Galadh:

In Estolad Mernael:

In Mithechad:

In Thangúlhad:

Mobs Defeated


Daily Skirmishes


Some deeds in Southern Mirkwood also reward players with a higher standing among the Malledhrim . Click [+] to expand a list of them.

Reputation Items

Apart from raw reputation with the Malledhrim, quests often reward with feathers and emblems. These can be bartered for special rewards with reputation reward vendors.

Quest Barter Reward
Malledhrim Bronze Feather-icon.png Malledhrim Bronze Feather
Malledhrim Gold Star Emblem-icon.png Malledhrim Gold Star Emblem


Reputation Reward Vendors of the Malledhrim are found in Echad Sirion, Mithechad, Ost Galadh, The Haunted Inn, and Thangúlhad in Mirkwood.


Item to Receive Items to Trade
Heritage Rune 65-icon.png Decorated Heritage Rune of Lore Medallion of Lothlórien-icon.png 3 Medallions of Lothlórien