Heroes of Limlight Gorge

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Hero of Limlight Gorge is a reputation faction with the Rohirrim of Stangard located in The Great River.

Gaining Reputation

The quickest way to gain reputation is by completing all the standard quests. Then repeating the daily quests (1200 each), turning in tasks to the task boards and completing the Instance Roots of Fangorn. Roaming the gorge killing mobs will yield 40-160 reputation each as well.



Task boards are located in various locations in The Great River Region.

By far the best way to obtain reputation, there are two tasks which reward 900 points of Heroes of Limlight Gorge reputation, both of the task items are obtained from the trees in the gorge but can be obtained easily elsewhere.

General Quests

Most quests located in:

grant reputation with this faction.

Quests which grant reputation in this faction (Click [+] to expand the list):

Repeatable Quests


Deed which grant reputation with this faction (Click [+] to expand the list):

Reputation Items

Items consumed (right-click) for reputation: None

Reputation and Barter Items

Quests in the Limlight Gorge reward tokens which can be bartered for loot:

Item How to obtain Use
Silver Token of the Anduin-icon.png Silver Token of the Anduin Most quest in Limlight Gorge reward barter for faction loot
Golden Token of the Anduin-icon.png Golden Token of the Anduin Most quest in Limlight Gorge reward barter for faction loot
Unhatched Spider Egg-icon.png Unhatched Spider Egg Instance Roots of Fangorn rewards barter for faction loot. found in the boss chest by every member of fellowship. Challenge chest of Tier 2 instance contains two more Eggs, for which members of fellowship have to roll.


Barterer Arcil, in Stangard [25.5S, 63.3W]

Barterer Manwine in Stangard [25.5S, 63.3W].





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