Halbarad's Study December 8th

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Halbarad's Study December 8th
Region: The North Downs
Settlement: Esteldín
Location: [9.4S, 41.2W]
Halbarad's Study.jpg

Halbarad's Study December 8th is located in Esteldín in The North Downs. [9.4S, 41.2W]

This place is both an interior location and a date within Lotro's epic story. It is found at the northern side of the Central Courtyard, near the Library. Here the legendary Halbarad is studying the lore he has brought in and here he receives reports from Rangers of North Downs and beyond, planning and negotiating with allies. Hence the epic story-line many times are bound to this location.

All characters do not have access to this library. Access is granted from having the Epic quest "Fires in the North". It will be locked down again shortly after having completed the related quests, but what determines the denial of access is currently not clear.


Ranger.png Halbarad


Halbarad's Study Exterior


The events within this study are tied to a specific date: December 8. Notice though, this date is not specified anywhere in Tolkien's work. However, recall that the Council of Elrond occurs on III 3018 October 25, and the fellowship leaves Rivendell the same year on December 25.


Another view within the study