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The Galadhrim is a reputation faction within Lothlórien.

Lothlórien, translated as "Lórien of the Blossom" and usually called just Lórien, are the fabled golden woods whose Elves dwell high in the mallorn-trees and are ruled by Celeborn, wisest of the Eldar of Middle-earth, and the Lady Galadriel.


Many else in Lothlórien offer quests for reputation and some offer repeatable quests:


Gaining Reputation

Reputation can only be increased by completing quests and deeds within Lothlórien. There are many repeatable quests inside and on the eaves of the Golden Forest. Also, completing Book 6 of the Mines of Moria will give +10,000 reputation for the Galadhrim.

Note: Since Patch Notes - Update 2 Echoes of The Dead, players are no longer required to complete the quest The Trust of Lórien to enter Lórien and can freely do so without penalty of death;

"The title 'Trusted in Lothlórien' is now bestowed upon reaching the appropriate reputation instead. This will make it so players with the appropriate reputation, no longer become a pincussion when you embark on : Volume 2, Book 7 Chapter 1, without completing The 'Trust of Lórien'."

However, you are not allowed to enter Caras Galadhon, and you will need Friend standing for that.


Many quests in Lothlórien reward with a higher standing with the Galadhrim. Click [+] to expand a list of them.

Repeatable Quests

In Talan Haldir:

In Echad Andestel:

In Cerin Amroth:

In Talan Fanuidhol (From NPC Bahanneth):

In Caras Galadhon:

In Imlad Lalaith:

In Egladil:

Mobs Defeated

"Protected" animals within Lothlórien will reduce reputation if killed.


Most deeds within Lothlórien give reputation.

Deed Type Virtue(r) Title(r) LP(r) Rep Faction Details
Great Deeds for Lothlórien Meta Doer of Great Deeds 10 500 Galadhrim Complete 5 deeds in Lothlórien
City of the Lord and Lady Explorer Valour 5 500 Galadhrim Find 9 points of interest in Caras Galadhon
Lórien Lookout Explorer Lórien Lookout 500 Galadhrim Find 11 flets in Lothlórien
Wanderer of the Golden Wood Explorer Honour 5 500 Galadhrim Find 10 points of interest in Lothlórien
Ally of Lothlórien Quest Guest of Lothlórien 10 900 Galadhrim Complete 10 quests in Lothlórien
Defender of Lothlórien Quest Guardian of Lothlórien 10 900 Galadhrim Complete 25 quests in Lothlórien
Warrior of Lothlórien Quest Warrior of Lothlórien 20 900 Galadhrim Complete 40 quests in Lothlórien
Flet-runner Challenges Quest Flet-runner 5 700 Galadhrim Complete Flet-runner challenge quests
Friend of Lothlórien Reputation Friend of the Golden Wood 10 700 Galadhrim Complete The Paths of Caras Galadhon quest
Beast-slayer Slayer Wild Hunter 5 500 Galadhrim Defeat 100 Wild Animals in Lothlórien
Beast-slayer (Advanced) Slayer Mercy 10 700 Galadhrim Defeat 200 Wild Animals in Lothlórien
Orc-slayer Slayer Champion of Lothlórien 5 900 Galadhrim Defeat 100 Orcs in Dinriill Dale and Fanuidhol
Orc-slayer (Advanced) Slayer Innocence 10 700 Galadhrim Defeat 200 Orcs in Dimrill Dale and Fanuidhol
The Defence of Lórien Lore/Slayer Fleeting Ally of Lórien 5 1,200 Galadhrim Defend Lothlórien from orcs 1 time
The Defence of Lórien II Lore/Slayer Steadfast Ally of Lórien 5 1,200 Galadhrim Defend Lothlórien from orcs 3 times
The Defence of Lórien III Lore/Slayer Defender of Lórien 5 1,200 Galadhrim Defend Lothlórien from orcs 5 times
The Defence of Lórien IV Lore/Slayer Persistent Defender of Lórien 10 1,200 Galadhrim Defend Lothlórien from orcs 7 times
The Defence of Lórien V Lore/Slayer Trueheart Defender of Lórien 10 1,200 Galadhrim Defend Lothlórien from orcs 10 times

Crafting Quests & Items


Reputation Barter Items

Most quests and deeds rewards barter items:

These can be exchanged at the Barterers for loot


Barterer: Lomguil (Talan Fanuidhol in Lothlórien)

Barterer: Idhbrennil (Talan Fanuidhol in Lothlórien)

Barterer: Merenedhel (Cerin Amroth in Lothlórien)

Barterer: Tharnelleth (Cerin Amroth in Lothlórien)

Barterer: Beriawen (Warden Trainer at Telain Galadhrim in Lothlórien)

Barterer: Bassiril (on a dock of Imlad Lalaith in Lothlórien)

Barterer: Bainien (Caras Galadhon in Lothlórien)

Barterer: Isdúr (Caras Galadhon in Lothlórien)

Barterer: Orelleth (Caras Galadhon in Lothlórien)

Barterer: Aesseryn (on a dock of Imlad Lalaith in Lothlórien)

Barterer: Nelliel (Caras Galadhon in Lothlórien)

Barterer: Ruimbas (Caras Galadhon in Lothlórien)

Barterer: Ganneldúr (Caras Galadhon in Lothlórien)




Title: Ally of the Galadhrim


Title: Honoured of the White Lady


If you have an Elf whose heritage is a Galadhrim, the Galadhrim will not recognize you as one of their kindred.

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