Barachen's Camp

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Barachen's Camp
Type: Camp
Region: The Trollshaws
Area: South Trollshaws
Location: [34.1S, 20.2W]
Barachen's Camp.jpg


Barachen's Camp is a landmark within South Trollshaws in The Trollshaws. [34.1S, 20.2W]

South of the Great East Road lies a small camp hidden on a rocky hillside, with the unlikely company of a dwarf and an elf. The camp provides the weary traveler some shelter and minor services. It may serve as a base for exploring the surrounding area and investigating recent happenings. (Notice that at the map this camp is marked as a settlement, but the services are quite meager for being a settlement.)


Barachen's Camp Task Board
Destination Region Cost Prerequisites
The Trollshaws
Echad Candelleth (Swift) The Trollshaws 25 Silver 
North Trollshaws (Swift) The Trollshaws 25 Silver 
Thorenhad (Swift) The Trollshaws 25 Silver 


The following deeds can be obtained by visiting this location:





ElfM.png Barachen - Supplier
Dwarf.png Heithur Ironfist - Task-master


At the behest of the sons of Elrond, Barachen the Elf established a small camp in the Southern Trollshaws from which to watch for threats on the road to Rivendell. The Elves Alphlanc and Rochwen, bound to him by friendship rather than command, assist Barachen with his duties and watch from the Last Bridge to keep the road free from danger.


The short climb up to the secluded camp A starry sky over the camp