Heithur Ironfist

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Heithur Ironfist
Image of Heithur Ironfist
Gender Male
Race Dwarf
Region Trollshaws
Area South Trollshaws
Settlement Barachen's Camp
Map Ref [34.0S, 20.2W]


Heithur Ironfist is found at Barachen's Camp, in the Trollshaws. He was part of a company of dwarves tasked with bringing relics from Thorin's Hall to Glóin in Rivendell. He traveled ahead of his group to inform Glóin of their arrival, however after some days his throng never made it. He's taken refuge at the camp where he has asked his host, Barachen, for any assisting in resolving the dwarves disappearance.

Heithur is also the Task-master of this area, rewarding completed tasks with increased reputation with Thorin's Hall.

Quest Involvement


"Why would these stone-trolls steal such stones as these? Most peculiar."