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Artifacts are found across the lands of Middle-earth. Scholars have the ability to Track Artifacts and study them using a Scholar's Glass. Each Artifact can produce a small number of texts and trinkets during examination. Some Artifacts may also contain a candle or lamp that will assist the Scholar in studying, leading to a critical success during crafting. Only a scholar may use these materials in order to craft scrolls, books, and other items.

Artifact Spawn Tier Materials Mastery Components / Rare Crafting Components Location
Shattered Pitcher
Shattered Pitcher.jpg
1 Apprentice Aged Scrap of Text-icon.png Aged Scrap of Text
Enter-arrow-icon.png Early Third Age Relic-icon.png Early Third Age Relic
Dim Candle-icon.png Dim Candle Bree-land, Ered Luin and The Shire
Broken Urn
Broken Urn.jpg
2 Journeyman Worn Tablet Fragment-icon.png Worn Tablet Fragment
Enter-arrow-icon.png Ruined Second Age Trinket-icon.png Ruined Second Age Trinket
Enter-arrow-icon.png Cryptic Text-icon.png Cryptic Text
Rushlight Candle-icon.png Rushlight Candle
Sapphire Shard-icon.png Sapphire Shard*
Bree-land, Ered Luin, The Lone-lands, and The North Downs
Antique Vase
Antique Vase.jpg
3 Expert Cracked Dwarf-carving-icon.png Cracked Dwarf-carving
Enter-arrow-icon.png Faded Sindarin Passage-icon.png Faded Sindarin Passage
Enter-arrow-icon.png Torn Craftsman's Diary-icon.png Torn Craftsman's Diary
Beeswax Candle-icon.png Beeswax Candle
Ruby Shard-icon.png Ruby Shard*
The Lone-lands, The North Downs, and Evendim
Forgotten Text
Forgotten Text.jpg
4 Artisan Fragment of Dúnedain Script-icon.png Fragment of Dúnedain Script
Enter-arrow-icon.png Scroll of Lothlórien-icon.png Scroll of Lothlórien
Enter-arrow-icon.png Scroll of Lothlórien-icon.png Historical Document of the Dwarf-lords
Tallow Candle-icon.png Tallow Candle
Adamant Shard-icon.png Adamant Shard*
The Lone-lands, Evendim, The Trollshaws, Angmar, and The Misty Mountains
Ancient Vase
Ancient Vase.jpg
5 Master Worn Elf-carving-icon.png Worn Elf-carving
Enter-arrow-icon.png Undeciphered Moon-letter-icon.png Undeciphered Moon-letter
Enter-arrow-icon.png Long-lost Second Age Text-icon.png Long-lost Second Age Text
Ornate Candle-icon.png Ornate Candle
Beryl Shard-icon.png Beryl Shard*
The Misty Mountains, Eastern Angmar and Eregion
Sage's Locker
Sage's Casket
Sage's Lockbox
Sage's Locker.jpg
Sage's Casket.jpg
6 Supreme Rune-carved Tablet-icon.png Rune-carved Tablet
Enter-arrow-icon.png Etching of Moria-icon.png Etching of Moria
Enter-arrow-icon.png Tattered Khuzdul Parchment-icon.png Tattered Khuzdul Parchment
Enter-arrow-icon.png Relic of Khazad-dûm-icon.png Relic of Khazad-dûm
Bright Lamp-icon.png Bright Lamp
Mithril Flake-icon.png Mithril Flake*
Moria (esp. Mekeb-faham and Mekeb-farak crafting instances found in Hadudbâb in Durin's Way), Lothlórien, Mirkwood and Enedwaith
Banded Coffer
Banded Coffer.jpg
7 Westfold Scrap of Weathered Dunlending Text-icon.png Scrap of Weathered Dunlending Text
Enter-arrow-icon.png Scroll of Insight-icon.png Scroll of Insight
Enter-arrow-icon.png Book of Knowledge-icon.png Book of Knowledge
Enter-arrow-icon.png Tome of Wisdom-icon.png Tome of Wisdom
Page of Gondorian Parchment-icon.png Page of Gondorian Parchment
Enter-arrow-icon.png Inspired Note-icon.png Inspired Note

Cracked Rhi Helvarch Sigil-icon.png Cracked Rhi Helvarch Sigil*

Dunland, Gap of Rohan, Nan Curunír and The Great River
Ornate Cache
Ornate Cache.jpg
8 Eastemnet Scrap of Rohirric Text-icon.png Scrap of Rohirric Text
Enter-arrow-icon.png Scroll of Poetry-icon.png Scroll of Poetry
Enter-arrow-icon.png Book of Ballads-icon.png Book of Ballads
Enter-arrow-icon.png Tome of War Stories-icon.png Tome of War Stories
Piece of Eastemnet Sealed Wax-icon.png Piece of Eastemnet Sealed Wax
Enter-arrow-icon.png Eastemnet Candle-icon.png Eastemnet Candle

Tarnished Crest of Rohan-icon.png Tarnished Crest of Rohan*

East Rohan, Parphád crafting instance found in Hytbold, and Wildermore
Adorned Chest
Adorned Chest.jpg
9 Westemnet Tattered Rohirric Parchment-icon.png Tattered Rohirric Parchment
Enter-arrow-icon.png Scroll of Poetry-icon.png Scroll of Tactics
Enter-arrow-icon.png Book of Ballads-icon.png Book of Battle Plans
Enter-arrow-icon.png Tome of War Stories-icon.png Tome of War Campaigns
Piece of Westemnet Sealed Wax-icon.png Piece of Westemnet Sealed Wax
Enter-arrow-icon.png Westemnet Candle-icon.png Westemnet Candle

Emerald Shard-icon.png Emerald Shard*

West Rohan, Gemyndsted crafting instance found in Derndingle in the Entwood, Western Gondor, Central Gondor
Lavish Chest
Lavish Chest.jpg
10 Anórien Tattered Anórien Parchment-icon.png Tattered Anórien Parchment Piece of Anórien Sealed Wax-icon.png Piece of Anórien Sealed Wax
Enter-arrow-icon.png Anórien Candle-icon.png Anórien Candle

Zircon Shard-icon.png Zircon Shard*

Eastern Gondor, Old Anórien, Far Anórien
Lavish Dagorlad Chest
Lavish Dagorlad Chest.jpg
10 Anórien Relic of the Battle Plain (Wastes)-icon.png Relic of the Battle Plain The Wastes
Gorgoroth Artifact Chest
Gorgoroth Artifact Chest.jpg
11 Doomfold Tattered Doomfold Parchment-icon.png Tattered Doomfold Parchment Piece of Doomfold Sealed Wax-icon.png Piece of Doomfold Sealed Wax The Plateau of Gorgoroth

Dale Artifact Chest
Dale Artifact Chest.jpg
11 Doomfold Tattered Doomfold Parchment-icon.png Tattered Doomfold Parchment Piece of Doomfold Sealed Wax-icon.png Piece of Doomfold Sealed Wax Eryn Lasgalen and the Dale-lands
* Very rare component