The Haban'akkâ of Thráin

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The Haban'akkâ of Thráin is a reputation faction in Azanulbizar, T.A. 2799. Thráin, king of the Longbeards, called together a great army of dwarves from all of the Seven Houses in vengeance for his father, Thrór. The war that followed came to be known as the Sixth War of Dwarves and Orcs, culminating in the Battle of Azanulbizar in 2799 of the Third Age.

Although it would come to be known in the years that followed as one of the rare assemblages of the Gabil'akkâ, Thráin led a terrible host across Middle-earth from Mount Gundabad to the gates of Khazad-dûm to hunt the Orc-chieftain, Azog, and avenge the death of Thrór.

Ranks with this faction are named in the secret Dwarvish language Khuzdul:

Rank (Translation[1])
Idmul (Recruit) Neutral
Dumul (Soldier) Acquaintance
Izkhas (Lieutenant) Friend
Uzkhas (Commander) Ally
Fabarâl (General) Kindred

Gaining Reputation


Most quests in Azanulbizar, T.A. 2799 give reputation with the Haban'akkâ, as do some tasks.


Many deeds in Azanulbizar, T.A. 2799 give reputation with the Haban'akkâ


Rewards are sold by the Haban'akkâ Quartermaster [63.5N, 135.0W] in Amdân, the war-camp of the army in Azanulbizar, including travel skills, cosmetics, and essences.