Théodred's Riders

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Théodred's Riders is a reputation faction with the Rohirrim in Dunland.


A band of brave and stalwart riders beneath the command of Théodred son of Théoden. They struggle to hold the aggressions of Dunland and Isengard at bay while the enfeebled king blindly ignores their entreaties for reinforcement.

Location and Main characters

Representatives of Théodred's Riders can be found at the following locations:

Gaining Reputation

Reputation with Théodred's Riders can be garnered by doing quests and deeds for them as well as from tasks in the Rohirrim Camps.


Tasks to increase reputation are available to level 67+ players on the Task Board at the Rohirrim Camp, Isendale (Forthbrond), and at Grimbold's Camp, both in the Gap of Rohan and at the Rohirrim Scout-camp in Dunland. These all increase your reputation with Théodred's Riders by 300.


Many quests in the Gap of Rohan award a higher standing with Théodred's Riders. Click [+] to expand a list of them.

Repeatable Quests

From Bron in Galtrev:

From Ondor in the Pit of Iron:

From Dagoras in Isengard:


Some deeds in Dunlending also reward players with a higher standing among Théodred's Riders. Click [+] to expand a list of them.

Rohirrim Quartermaster

The Rohirrim Quartermasters may be found in three locations:

In the Settlement of Galtrev in Dunland:

At the Rohirrim Camp, Isendale (Forthbrond) in Gap of Rohan:

At Grimbold's Camp in Gap of Rohan:


Items are purchased with in-game gold, not barter items.

Crafting Recipes