Quest:Servants of Saruman

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This page is about a quest in Nan Curunír. For the quest in the Broadacres, see Quest:Servants of Saruman (Oserley)
Servants of Saruman
Level 75
Type Solo
Repeatable Daily
Starts with Dagoras
Starts at Isengard
Start Region Isengard
Map Ref [79.8S, 1.0W]
Quest Group Isengard: Nan Curunír
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

'I have spotted a number of strangely-robed Men wandering about, occasionally tending to those devices.

'They are some sort of apprentices in Saruman's service. Without them, he will have more trouble running Isengard. Will you see if you cannot deal with a few of them quietly?'


Isengard is littered with strange devices which have some role in Saruman's preparations for war. These machines are frequently maintained by goblins or by human apprentices who have been trained in their operation by Saruman.

Objective 1

Saruman's apprentices can be found in Isengard.

Dagoras has asked to you to hunt down any of Saruman's apprentices that you come across in Isengard.

Objective 2

  • Talk to Dagoras within the Ring of Isengard

Dagoras is within the Ring of Isengard.

You should return to Dagoras with news of your success.

Dagoras: 'You managed to deal with a few more of those apprentices? Good.
'I do not know where he procured all of these servants, but Saruman is going to need a fair number of replacements by the time you are through with them.'