Quest:Mutual Enemies

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Mutual Enemies
Level 114
Type Solo
Starts with Faeron
Starts at Agarnaith
Start Region Agarnaith
Map Ref [51.9S, 32.6E]
Quest Group Mordor: Agarnaith
Quest Text

Bestowal dialogue

'From what Viznak told us, it sounds like the Drúedain hate Orcs. Perhaps we can prove our intentions to the Drúedain by bringing them evidence of their enemies' demise. Steel yourself; this may be a bit... grisly.'


Faeron suspects that one way to win over the Drúedain is the destruction of your mutual enemies: Orcs and Uruks. Bring them proof of their demise.

Objective 1

  • Collect Uruk fangs (0/10)
  • Collect infected Orc fangs (0/10)

Orcs and Uruks can be found in many areas of Agarnaith.

You should collect Orc and Uruk fangs as proof of their deaths.

INFECTED ORC FANG "Proof of death of our mutual enemies."
URUK FANG "Proof of death of our mutual enemies."

Objective 2

Ghai-buri-Sêk can be found outside the mountain pass in Agarnaith.

You should bring Ghai-buri-Sêk the fangs you collected.

Ghai-buri-Sêk: The intimidating warrior is initially puzzled as you show him your pile of Orc fangs. He picks one up and examines it until recognition brightens his eyes.
'Orcs? Dead?'
His mouth open into a wide grin. He looks pleased with your actions.